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So for no other reason than because (a) I can and (b) I wanted to, I am in the process of trading my netbook in for an older-generation Macbook for school purposes.

Yesterday morning, I picked up Garibaldi*, a 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo Macbook. He was in the care of a nice little old lady who used him for doing paperwork for a non-profit she volunteers for, and he came with a relatively new battery, iWork, iLife, a case, and a full install copy of Snow Leopard. So when I got home from work last night, we did a full wipe and reinstall of the OS, to make sure that nice little old lady's information was all cleared, and I expect that we will be happy together. (He is pretty much the same model of Macbook as Khan-the-first.) This is the first time I have owned two functional Macs at the same time.

This morning, I dropped a freshly cleaned up Rikki off with one of my coworkers (a non-sucky one) for a couple of days' trial period, and it sounds like he will probably return money to me on Monday instead of Rikki.

*Yes, I am moving toward a Babylon-5 network theme, apparently. My Apple TV box is Lennier.
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Today has been a very surreal day.

Currently I am marinating the screws on my netbook in WD-40 in the hopes that tomorrow they will come out so I can replace Rikki's RAM so he will stop freezing, crashing and blue-screening every goddamn thirty seconds.
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My original plan for tonight: homework. Finals are next week, after all.

The universe's apparent plan for me for tonight: reinstalling Windows on my school computer after eight complete BSODs in the past twenty minutes, plus I can't even count how many individual programs giving out on me, everything from iTunes to Excel to Thunderbird, both Firefox and IE, you name it, it broke.


Edit, 7:30pm: seems to have been mostly painless so far. I've been working on homework on Kipling, about halfway through the assignment that's due tomorrow, so I'll probably finish the homework on Kip and then start *wince* reinstalling all my programs. I gotta say though, Dropbox was heaven-sent -- only like three things I had to back up that weren't already in the cloud.
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By [ profile] my_fair_kadie's request, the netbook sleeve I finished knitting and felting on Friday. It's not very interesting, I suspect :)

It's about an inch too long, but the perfect width. Still need to figure out a closure; in that picture, the opening is on the right-hand end.
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So we got our tax refund on Friday, and I ordered my new shiny immediately. I was excited, but couldn't justify paying an extra $30 for overnight or two-day shipping, so I went for the cheap shipping option.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got a text message from Dan around 3pm: "Shiny!" Cheapo ground shipping, and I still got next-(business-)day delivery - by USPS, no less! Bob bless Amazon for having their warehouse ten minutes away.

Quite pleased so far. Rikki is an Acer Aspire One, copper brown, six-cell battery, 160g hard drive with Windows XP Home (but only until Windows 7 is released). And he came with the tiniest three-button infrared mouse evar. Srsly -- it's smaller than the palm of my hand. So cute. :) I think I have managed to wipe off all the random this and toolbar that and free trial the other thing that tends to plague OEM Windows installs. One wonders why a computer without an optical drive includes WinDVD :)


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