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Oh hay :)

This LJ post brought to you by a happy new freshly upgraded MacBook :D

Good times!

His name is Khan, and Rasputin has been restored and sent home with Ari, where he will surely enjoy his second incarnation as a happy fun experiment box.
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So about a year and a half ago, word came down from on high that there had been A Settlement with members of the union I have to be in, and that everybody who was health-insurance eligible on 6-1-2007 would get a moderately sizeable one-time bonus on their 7-25-07 paycheck. I decided at that time that I was going to use the bonus to replace my iBook with a new MacBook, since Rasputin was almost two years old then, and is now going on four, and I'm going to be in school for at least another six years, probably longer. (Well, more or less. The bonus is not quite sizeable enough for a MacBook by itself, but [ profile] pyran is purchasing Rasputin from me, and the combination of the two will work quite nicely.)

I haven't had to name a computer since I got Ras, and his name had been determined a year or two before THAT. I used to have a G3 tower that I'd named Nikolai, as I was on a Russian naming kick at the time. (Hence, my old Taurus named Count Ivan the Mad, and my car moose being Alexei, Boris, Chekhov and Dimitri.) Shortly after I got Nikolai, the iBooks had come out, and they just kept.... whispering.... insidiously..... until such time as I sold Nikolai and started saving up for Rasputin. So he was sort of pre-named. :) My PC desktop box is Nagi - short for Nagaina - the female cobra from Rikki Tikki Tavi, and I've had her for almost six years, through various reincarnations. (I think she's only got ..... one of her original parts at this point, but I don't have any intentions of changing that one any time soon.)

But on Wednesday, I will have a new laptop in need of a name. Needing suggestions!
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Geek query!

Let's say I have a game like Starcraft that requires the CD to be in the drive to play. Then let's say I have another one, like Diablo II, that also requires the CD be in the drive to play. I don't have any particular desire to find no-CD cracks for these games, nor do I know if such a thing is available for a Mac anyway.

Is there a way whereby I can create ISOs of the game CDs, then burn these ISOs to a DVD, so that I can safely put away the installation/play CDs so they don't get lost and use the ISO-laden DVD in place of the CD in the drive to play the games? Specifically, I'm looking to do this on my iBook, so I can play games while traveling without having to cart around a pile of CDs and risk losing them.
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Well well well. How about that. Free new battery for Rasputin!

Apparently there have been rare cases of a component that was used in certain serial-number ranges of iBook G4 batteries overheating to dangerous levels. Rasputin, though I've never had any issues with him overheating, has a battery in that serial number range. So Apple is going to send me a new battery for free, and when I get it, I just pack up and send back the over-two-year-old one.

The old battery was still perfectly adequate - almost 3 hours on a full charge, even after two and a half years - but who am I to look a gift battery in the mouth, hm? :)


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