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Odd question, intarwebs.

I have a device charger that is basically just a block with an AC plug on one side and a USB connection on the other. (The specific one I have came with my iPad, if that matters, but I've seen them elsewhere.) The intention is to plug a charging cable directly into the block. If I have several devices that all charge via USB, can I plug a USB hub into the block and then plug in multiple devices to the hub? I don't want to just try it because I don't want to blow anything up, but if this is a feasible option, then it means slightly fewer bits and pieces in my cable bag when I travel this summer.
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Oh, for the love of argh. Firefox updated, and now it's doing the same really annoying thing that IE does where instead of opening my link in a new tab at the far right of my tab list, it opens it right next to the original tab and shoves everything else to the right. I don't WANT that. I want my left three tabs to ALWAYS be meebo, my f'list and my webmail, IN THAT ORDER, and I don't want my webmail shoved way over when I open posts off my f'list to comment or read. Anyone have any idea how to change this? It didn't do that before I updated, and I can't find a setting anywhere, but it's quite possible I'm just missing something.

Edit: [ profile] fishsupreme to the rescue!
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Braintrust, help!

I have about 30 audiobooks, totaling about 8000 tracks or so.

The ID3 tags are all correct in terms of the "artist" (author), the "album" (book title), and each is correctly labeled as track X on disc Y-of-Z. But most of them, for the track title (which is what shows up in the playlist on my iPods), have such useful descriptors as "1a" or "Chapter 1b". Which, as you may guess, makes it a bit tricky to figure out which tracks are for which books.

With the caveat that I don't want to rename the FILES -- just the ID tags -- does anyone know of a bit of software whereby I can select a bunch of tracks all at once and push a button to make the track titles of the selected tracks to display as "[album] - disc [y] - track [x]" based on the other existing info in the ID3 tag? I can do them one at a time in iTunes - though obviously with 8000 or so I sure as hell don't want to -- and anything other than track titles I can edit in batches, but if there's a way for iTunes to batch-edit track titles, I'm not finding it.

The music lives on my Mac, but if Windows software is my best bet, I can make that work too, as I am an equal opportunity OS-user. (Ok, so I don't have anything booting into Linux RIGHT NOW, but I have in the past, and I'm probably going to end up dual-booting Nagi with Ubuntu once Windows 7 is formally released. :P )
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Dear geeks:

If one has an external hard drive that has both an e-SATA connection and a USB 2.0 connection, can one plug the e-SATA connection into Computer A and the USB 2.0 connection into Computer B to have said external hard drive functionally connected to both computers simultaneously?
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Random weird: Every so often, probably one time in ten, clicking on a page link from the I Can Haz Cheezburger LJ feed pulls up not the lolcat page, but a Dex Online search page. And if I close the search page and click on the same link again, it gets the correct page the second time. (It just happened by clicking a link to this URL: )

This has only happened at home, where I'm using Firefox 3.0.5 on Mac OS X version 10.5.5, and it's just started happening within the last couple of weeks. Anybody have any ideas, or is it just one of those weird computer tricks?
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What would explain the fact that Dan's computer has an IP address conflict and boots him offline every time I come home from work and wake my laptop out of sleep? None of the machines involved have static IP assignments. This just started happening within the last couple of weeks, and nothing has changed in the network setup for several months.
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So I used to play Diablo II on my 4-year-old iBook with no problems, and I really enjoyed it. This morning, I dug out my CDs and downloaded the OS X game and patch installers. Only...when I open the game...I get

this: )

And to make it even weirder, the Diablo II logo behind the top square cutout section is bouncing around - the first half of the logo as one unit, and the second half of the logo as a separate unit.

Any ideas?

(crossposted to [ profile] macosx)

Edit: Solved! I switched the video config from hardware-driven to software-driven, and now it is all sorted :)
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Gnar. Same issue with Hotmail again. And their support for senders having a hard time sending to Hotmail is specific to companies with mailing lists, with no thought to individuals.


Dear Hotmail:
Get your crap together. Me emailing some chatter to Dan's aunt or between-game discussion with my fellow larpers IS NOT SPAM. No love,
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Apparently, any time I try to send an email from my own email address to a address, it fails. No clue why.

the message I keep getting: )

Any ideas?

(For reference, the text of the email I'm trying to send is, in total: "Here's hoping." I didn't think that would be considered obscene, graphical, or spammy.)
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Query: Why does my LightScribe disc label printing software offer me the option to shut down my PC after the label is finished printing?

The window is labeled LightScribe Print Properties, and includes such useful information as "Print Contrast (Draft, Normal or Best)", Number of copies, which copy it's on, Print and Preview buttons, a status bar, and... a little tickybox reading "Automatically shut down the PC when done".

I'm...not following the logic. I printed a label, ergo I must be done using my computer? Silliness.

(I'm sure it's there for people who tell it to burn the label on their way to bed rather than stay up and wait for it to finish, and actually turn their PC off at night, which I don't. But come on. It's funny!)
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Geek query!

Let's say I have a game like Starcraft that requires the CD to be in the drive to play. Then let's say I have another one, like Diablo II, that also requires the CD be in the drive to play. I don't have any particular desire to find no-CD cracks for these games, nor do I know if such a thing is available for a Mac anyway.

Is there a way whereby I can create ISOs of the game CDs, then burn these ISOs to a DVD, so that I can safely put away the installation/play CDs so they don't get lost and use the ISO-laden DVD in place of the CD in the drive to play the games? Specifically, I'm looking to do this on my iBook, so I can play games while traveling without having to cart around a pile of CDs and risk losing them.
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Remind me, LJ brain trust - in Windows XP, how do I set it so that the "My Documents" shortcut goes somewhere other than the default My Documents folder under Documents and Settings?

Dear Windows Update,
Why are you titling my windows in Italian? What the heck does "Installazione aggiornamenti in corso" mean anyway?
Non-Italian-ly yours,
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Wireless cards in desktop computers. How reliable are they, specifically for situations involving online gaming?

We're doing some domicile reorganization this weekend, involving full or partial relocations of three different rooms of our 2-bedroom apartment, and one of the things involved is one of the "bedrooms" is becoming a sort of part-rec-room-part-office-for-me - meaning that my computers and Dan's will no longer be in the same room. My laptop is already wireless (oh noez! ghosts through the wifi!), but neither of us is particularly keen on stringing cable through hallways and in front of high-traffic doors and whatnot, so as long as they're fairly reliable, I'd like to be able to just put a wireless card into Nagi.

The wireless router will still be within 25 feet, so it SHOULD be okay, ne? I've used my laptop in the room in question before, but I have no experience with wireless networking in desktop machines.

Also, any specific recommendations would be appreciated, though I'd like to keep the cost down as much as possible. I....THINK our wireless router is a Linksys, if it matters, and it's only a Wireless-B variety.
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I have a Bluetooth headset (a Motorola H500, if it matters) that connects to the charger via a 5-pin mini-B USB port. Er, I dunno that that made sense. *clarify* The wall charger that came with it has an AC wall plug on one end and a 5-pin mini USB plug on the other end, that plugs into a 5-pin mini USB port on the headset. This is all well and dandy.

However, I'm curious about alternate charging options for when I go on a trip and don't want to crawl under my desk to fish the AC charger out of the mass of cords, and I want to make sure these alternate charging options aren't going to fry out my headset or something.

Alternate option 1: I have a USB cable that plugs into a normal USB port on a computer and has a 5-pin mini plug on the other end - it's the charging/transfer cable that came with my logitech camera.

Alternate option 2: I have a cable that has a car charger on one end and a 5-pin mini plug on the other. It's intended to charge MP3 players and digital cameras.

If I plug my headset into either of these and attempt to charge it off the computer or the car, does anyone know if it will (a) fry the headset or (b) actually work? (I know I could just try it to see if it works, but I'm more worried about the frying part.)
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Very confused.

On both iChat and Adium, I get a timed-out error when trying to log in with my AIM screenname. Same issue on my PC with both AIM proper and Trillian.

But I can log in with that screenname on my Sidekick with no issues. Anyone have any idea?
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Dear Visual Basic:

I grok that you're giving me an Error 9.
After some research, I grok that an Error 9 means that I have somehow referenced a non-existent array element, not specified a number of elements, referenced a non-existent collection number, or specified an invalid element.

But would you PLEASE give me a clue as to WHERE in the 30 pages of code the problem is so I can figure out which of those things I did and how I need to fix it?!

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Ok. So my iBook lists its electrical specifications as

Line Voltage 100-240V AC
Frequency 50-60 Hz

Do I need just a converter, or an adapter, or....?


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