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One Windows 7 installation down, two to go.

Nagi's master boot record is still trashed, apparently, which means it's probably a physical problem with her main drive, but I don't put anything important on her main drive and she'll still start with the old Win7 RC disc in the CD drive, so I'm not worried about it for now.
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Ahso -- I put the Windows 7 beta on Nagi for playing-around purposes and because I was tired of her refusing to boot without a Windows CD in the drive, no matter how the bios settings were rearranged.

Well, the Windows 7 beta didn't fix that. She still won't boot without the Windows CD in the drive. But that's not the issue tonight.

For the first time in a year or more, my girl blue-screened. Three times.

Occasion the first: I was transferring a 6.5gig file from Khan to Nagi and ripping archiving a DVD. Bluescreen. (I've been ripping and burning DVDs all afternoon.)

Occasion the second: I was transferring said file. No other programs were open.

Occasion the third: I was ripping the DVD, no file transfer in progress.

After blue-screen #3, I am currently not actively doing anything, to see if she does it again. The memory dump files (which I have submitted to Microsoft like a good little tester) are time-stamped exactly 10 minutes apart -- 10:16, 10:26, and 10:36. It's now 10:45. Let's see what happens.

Edit, 10:46: Yep. Blue-screen at 10:46 on the nose, without anything going on. Thoughts?

10:56: Wheeeeee.

Son of edit: After BSODs at 11:06 and 11:16, Ari found a forum post linking mapped network drives to BSODs in "tdx.sys". Sure enough, unmapping the network drive I'd mapped has it now at 11:39 with no more BSODs. They better get that one fixed. :P

Redheaded stepchild of edit: 11:46, BSOD. What the crap.

11:57, no more BSOD as long as I don't even *connect* to another network drive. There's a Vista hotfix for BSOD errors in tdx.sys, but when I download it, there's errors in it and it can't unzip :P


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