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I am tired of Ubuntu, so trying to go back to Windows XP on my desktop PC.

I put the handy dandy little Windows XP CD in the CD drive, make sure it has "CD ROM" set as the first boot option, and restart.

Searching for Boot Record from CDROM..OK

Press any key to boot from CD.

Cue me mashing on the enter button, the space bar, and any other button I can reach.

....GRUB loading stage1.5.

GRUB loading, please wait ....
Error 15

Oh. Kay.

So I put in the OTHER handy dandy little Windows XP CD. Rinse, repeat.

I put back in the Ubuntu CD (Ubuntu 6.06). It boots from the CD just fine. But I do not WANT Ubuntu anymore. I WANT IT TO BOOT FROM ONE OF THE WINDOWS XP CDS.

(Given: Yes, they're both legal and legit purchased copies - one has SP2 on it, the other one doesn't. I just used the SP2 one to install on my laptop under Boot Camp last week, so I know at least that one works.)

What the heck do I do now?
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I finally got a working hard drive into Nagi this weekend.

I have two Windows install disks - one *coughlessthanlegalcough* copy of Windows 2K Pro, and one (fully legit) copy of Windows XP. The XP one is on hold for when I get around to dual-booting Khan, since Boot Camp requires XP or Vista. (Side note: Amused at the idea of reserving a Windows operating system for my MacBook.)

Well, the 2K disc wouldn't read. Nagi couldn't boot from it.

So I looked around for a minute and grabbed the Ubuntu 6.06 disc I still had laying around. Success!

Later on, while in Karazhan, I upgraded it to 8.04.

Once I can figure out the directory structure (namely, how to find stuff I save, which may be easier than I'm anticipating because I simply haven't tried it yet), determine whether I have working drivers for my DVD burner, and figure out how to determine which Linux version of Lightscribe I need (the rpm package vs the deb package), I think I'll be in business. *flex*
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Semi-actively pondering dual-booting Nagi - my desktop PC, now my secondary computer - between XP and Ubuntu.

At this point, the things I use Nagi for mainly are FTP, web browsing, DVD burning, Ventrilo, and music playing.

FTP: Currently I FTP files to my webspace using Internet Explorer and drag-and-drop - this hasn't worked with Firefox when I've tried it, but Ari mentioned FileZilla?
Web: Ubuntu has Firefox 2.0 built into it.
DVD burning: ???
Ventrilo: I can either switch it to my Mac or run it through Wine; Linux client is not available yet.
Music playing: Since quite a bit of my stuff is iTunes purchases, I can stream it from Nagi's drive to iTunes on my laptop. (....assuming iTunes doesn't have a Linux version? :P )

In Windows, I use Nero, which came with the DVD burner. Are there any reliable DVD burning software options for Ubuntu that are, well, free? Actually, while I'm thinking about it, how about DVD ripping software? What I've been using is MacTheRipper on my laptop, then transferring the results to the other box (since Nagi is the one with the DVD burner), but if Linux has a similar software option, I'd happily give it a shot.

I'm assuming networking problems between Ubuntu and Leopard should be minimal, since Leopard has a Unix base (as I recall). It'll probably be a few days (if not longer) before I do any of this - any advice, suggestions or pointers before I take the leap?


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