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Geek triumph.

I got my PC running with Windows XP. (Side note: I LOVE ObjectDock. Who needs a start menu anyway. But Dan keeps laughing at me because I keep making my icons swing.)

I also got my ancient printer working. (Yes, inkjet printers are a dime a dozen these days, but the ancient printer in question is a laptop-sized intended-to-be-portable Canon BJC-80, and Canon no longer has drivers for it.)
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I am tired of Ubuntu, so trying to go back to Windows XP on my desktop PC.

I put the handy dandy little Windows XP CD in the CD drive, make sure it has "CD ROM" set as the first boot option, and restart.

Searching for Boot Record from CDROM..OK

Press any key to boot from CD.

Cue me mashing on the enter button, the space bar, and any other button I can reach.

....GRUB loading stage1.5.

GRUB loading, please wait ....
Error 15

Oh. Kay.

So I put in the OTHER handy dandy little Windows XP CD. Rinse, repeat.

I put back in the Ubuntu CD (Ubuntu 6.06). It boots from the CD just fine. But I do not WANT Ubuntu anymore. I WANT IT TO BOOT FROM ONE OF THE WINDOWS XP CDS.

(Given: Yes, they're both legal and legit purchased copies - one has SP2 on it, the other one doesn't. I just used the SP2 one to install on my laptop under Boot Camp last week, so I know at least that one works.)

What the heck do I do now?
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Ok, so I apparently never mentioned this, but my desktop PC has been out of commission for a couple of months now. Turns out she went kerplut in a spectacularly glorious fashion.

Originally, Ari and I reviewed the symptoms and guessed that the borkedness was due to video card borkedness. So he brought over an extra one so we could test that theory. I opened up Nagi's case to pop the old card and put in the older (but functional) one.

This? This is a video card. )

Specifically, that was Nagi's video card. Radeon 8600 something, I think. I don't remember exactly. Doesn't much matter. When I got it three years ago, it was a pretty nice card.

I took it out of the case, and something fell off it. We looked closer.

This? This ain't supposed to happen. )

Also, once we got the replacement video card in? The main hard drive died. Which is why she's been out of commission for months.

Luckily, at this point, I have upgraded the hard drive on Khan and can wipe what was Nagi's secondary drive and get her up and running again. *flex*
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So about a year and a half ago, word came down from on high that there had been A Settlement with members of the union I have to be in, and that everybody who was health-insurance eligible on 6-1-2007 would get a moderately sizeable one-time bonus on their 7-25-07 paycheck. I decided at that time that I was going to use the bonus to replace my iBook with a new MacBook, since Rasputin was almost two years old then, and is now going on four, and I'm going to be in school for at least another six years, probably longer. (Well, more or less. The bonus is not quite sizeable enough for a MacBook by itself, but [ profile] pyran is purchasing Rasputin from me, and the combination of the two will work quite nicely.)

I haven't had to name a computer since I got Ras, and his name had been determined a year or two before THAT. I used to have a G3 tower that I'd named Nikolai, as I was on a Russian naming kick at the time. (Hence, my old Taurus named Count Ivan the Mad, and my car moose being Alexei, Boris, Chekhov and Dimitri.) Shortly after I got Nikolai, the iBooks had come out, and they just kept.... whispering.... insidiously..... until such time as I sold Nikolai and started saving up for Rasputin. So he was sort of pre-named. :) My PC desktop box is Nagi - short for Nagaina - the female cobra from Rikki Tikki Tavi, and I've had her for almost six years, through various reincarnations. (I think she's only got ..... one of her original parts at this point, but I don't have any intentions of changing that one any time soon.)

But on Wednesday, I will have a new laptop in need of a name. Needing suggestions!
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Original goal:
1) Ari would build his new computer.
2) We would switch cases and video cards between Nagi and his old computer, and he was going to give me an extra half-gig of RAM.

Actual result:
1) His RAM: not so worky in my machine. I have PC133, he had DDR something. No extra RAM.
2) His video card: not so worky in my machine. Suspicion is that the card itself is not so worky - further experimentation is continuing.
3) Case swap was successful. Nagi now has 6 case fans, rather than the insufficient ONE that she had before.
4) Aforementioned case swap took long enough that there was not time for us to build Ari's new computer.
5) I broke a nail. :(
6) There was, however, some hedgehog time. :)
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Remind me, LJ brain trust - in Windows XP, how do I set it so that the "My Documents" shortcut goes somewhere other than the default My Documents folder under Documents and Settings?

Dear Windows Update,
Why are you titling my windows in Italian? What the heck does "Installazione aggiornamenti in corso" mean anyway?
Non-Italian-ly yours,
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Nagi: Unplugged. Rawr.

Our house is still an unholy mess, with a living room full of misplaced furniture and whatnot, but we're slowly making sense of it. I am pleased. :)
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Wireless cards in desktop computers. How reliable are they, specifically for situations involving online gaming?

We're doing some domicile reorganization this weekend, involving full or partial relocations of three different rooms of our 2-bedroom apartment, and one of the things involved is one of the "bedrooms" is becoming a sort of part-rec-room-part-office-for-me - meaning that my computers and Dan's will no longer be in the same room. My laptop is already wireless (oh noez! ghosts through the wifi!), but neither of us is particularly keen on stringing cable through hallways and in front of high-traffic doors and whatnot, so as long as they're fairly reliable, I'd like to be able to just put a wireless card into Nagi.

The wireless router will still be within 25 feet, so it SHOULD be okay, ne? I've used my laptop in the room in question before, but I have no experience with wireless networking in desktop machines.

Also, any specific recommendations would be appreciated, though I'd like to keep the cost down as much as possible. I....THINK our wireless router is a Linksys, if it matters, and it's only a Wireless-B variety.
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ugh. it's so hot that Nagi's video card is too overheated to run WoW. I've got fans pointed at her in the hopes that this will help.

and i will discuss my mouse woes when i have finished doing my nails and can again type with both hands.
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Hokay. My no-name $15-on-Ebay KVM is giving up the ghost - it occasionally stops recognizing my mouse and keyboard for a few minutes at a time.

1) Replace it. This may be difficult - I have a USB keyboard and mouse, and in my experience, KVMs are either PS/2 based or expensive. (While this one was cheap and is giving up the ghost now, it DID last two years.)
2) Reorganize my desk so that the computer is moved somewhere that the mouse cable will reach it without anything in between. :P

Right now, I'm leaning toward Option 2, with an option to reconsider in the next few months. However, does anyone have any suggestions as to a piece of hardware should I go with Option 1, either now or later?
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Dear Nagi:
You are not permitted to automatically restart while I'm in bed when I have files in progress open UNLESS YOU SAVE THEM FIRST.
the frazzled GCL desk dictator, who is luckily being very organized about this whole character updating thing, and still hasn't gotten very many XP expenditures anyway.

Dear GCL players, with exceptions as they are aware:
Gr! Send me XP! Gr!
Even more grr-edly,


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