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Reason #472 I love my iPad: I can renew Miss Mira's plates while sitting in the waiting room of one of my clinics.
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Books read: 30, including 3 audiobooks in the car.

Knitting projects finished: Absolutely none. I haven't had much knitting time in April, alas, and most of it working on larger projects.

Weight lost: 3.38 pounds.

Miles walked: 61.

Happy: I currently have 4.0's in both my biology and history classes, got a 95% on my first bio test, Dan has a job for the next few months, my baby brother got married, Dan and I had our third anniversary, and I got my iPad ZOMG.

While I fell off the watching-what-I-eat wagon for a bit there through the second half of April, I'm going to call it a general success. Rawr.
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So so so pleased :D
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Thirteenth in line. There will be iPad tonight :D
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Order Number: W69671930

Mm-chk mm-chk

Shipped by 5/7

*raising the roof*

*happy dance*

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Also: THERE, HATERS! iPhone (and thus iPad and iPod Touch) OS 4.0 was announced this morning to be released late this summer, and it will have multitasking. :P

Along with a bunch of other fun new stuff. :)
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Feel free to ignore this -- it's just me bitching about, well, people bitching. (All uses of the word "you" should be read as generic-you, not specific-you, unless you self-identify as one of the haters, in which case you can take it as personally as you like but that's not my problem.)

haters to the left! (But no hating on totheleft. She's cool.) )
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I just got to play with an iPad for a few minutes at the Apple Store. After my admittedly brief experience, I am now even more excited than I previously was, and positively GIDDY in anticipation. And I didn't even try out the iPad version PvZ demo, because of the lines out the door of other people who wanted to play with it.


(His name will be Kipling.)


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