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Today, the half-assedly selling my MBP and replacing him with a nice shiny new Mac Mini was successful, after a truly hilarious comedy of frantic running around involving four different cities and attempting (successfully!) to install an operating system while driving across a highway bridge.

Sheridan is now hooked up and happily chilling out on my desk, my 22" widescreen monitor is getting use for damn near the first time since I quit playing WoW last July, I will be spending tomorrow at Grand Assembly hopefully watching a mess of my Rainbow girls get honors, and with a fan, my computer room is more or less comfortable even though it's 90 out and we have no AC.

I'll take it.
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After seeing the latest set of improvements done to the Mac Mini, I did another round of "half-ass try to sell my MBP to replace him with a Mini," posting him up on Craigslist last night.

So far I have gotten 2 serious inquiries, 2 general inquiries, and one "ill give you $(150 less than asking price)". I met with the first of the serious inquiries today, and he will give me an answer by 9am tomorrow. (This is mildly annoying, as his emails gave the very strong impression that he was looking to buy on the spot, cash in hand today, but.)

When he asked for the night to decide, he did say that if someone else purchased Khan in the meantime, no hard feelings. So when I got home, I emailed the other seemingly serious inquiry that if she could meet with me before 9am tomorrow (which is admittedly unlikely) she could have first dibs, otherwise I'd let her know at 9am tomorrow whether the first guy was taking it or not.

I also answered the (slightly odd) questions from the other two people, one of whom wanted to know why I was selling it and the other of whom wanted to know if I would include the power cord.

Edit: Grumble. Dude decided not to buy Khan after all.
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A funny:

The guy (who was supposed to be) buying my computer tonight attended two of the three schools [ profile] joyce teaches at.
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Not fun: Rearranging the desk.
Fun: Rearranging the desk to make room for a 22" widescreen monitor. Noms.
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If you get your brain transplanted into a new body, do you need a new name too?

Because I just spent the morning transferring The Hard Drive Formerly Known As Khan from a happy bouncy MacBook body into a sleek, sexy MacBook Pro body.


(Mad props to Corey, the other human involved in the transplant, and Ari, surgeon's assistant.)
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(crossposted to [ profile] macintosh)

My Canon BJC-80 printer works fine on my MacBook (running Leopard). But when I boot into the Windows install (XP Pro), it takes literally 15-20 minutes for the file to spool before the printer will start spitting anything out. The printer is connected directly to the computer, not networked.

I'm not sure if this is a hardware thing, a Boot Camp thing, or a Windows thing, and googling is only turning up suggestions for handling this issue on networked printers. Any ideas?
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I finally got a working hard drive into Nagi this weekend.

I have two Windows install disks - one *coughlessthanlegalcough* copy of Windows 2K Pro, and one (fully legit) copy of Windows XP. The XP one is on hold for when I get around to dual-booting Khan, since Boot Camp requires XP or Vista. (Side note: Amused at the idea of reserving a Windows operating system for my MacBook.)

Well, the 2K disc wouldn't read. Nagi couldn't boot from it.

So I looked around for a minute and grabbed the Ubuntu 6.06 disc I still had laying around. Success!

Later on, while in Karazhan, I upgraded it to 8.04.

Once I can figure out the directory structure (namely, how to find stuff I save, which may be easier than I'm anticipating because I simply haven't tried it yet), determine whether I have working drivers for my DVD burner, and figure out how to determine which Linux version of Lightscribe I need (the rpm package vs the deb package), I think I'll be in business. *flex*
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Ok, so I apparently never mentioned this, but my desktop PC has been out of commission for a couple of months now. Turns out she went kerplut in a spectacularly glorious fashion.

Originally, Ari and I reviewed the symptoms and guessed that the borkedness was due to video card borkedness. So he brought over an extra one so we could test that theory. I opened up Nagi's case to pop the old card and put in the older (but functional) one.

This? This is a video card. )

Specifically, that was Nagi's video card. Radeon 8600 something, I think. I don't remember exactly. Doesn't much matter. When I got it three years ago, it was a pretty nice card.

I took it out of the case, and something fell off it. We looked closer.

This? This ain't supposed to happen. )

Also, once we got the replacement video card in? The main hard drive died. Which is why she's been out of commission for months.

Luckily, at this point, I have upgraded the hard drive on Khan and can wipe what was Nagi's secondary drive and get her up and running again. *flex*
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Woooo. Happy Khan, freshly upgraded by yours truly with a shiny new quadruple-the-previous-size hard drive. *flex* About four hours, all told, and three and a half of that was cloning the original hard drive and restoring the cloned image to the new one.
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Note to self:
Flying into Detroit Thursday morning, flying out Monday afternoon. The information about your flights and the shuttle to and from EL is in your email. Print it out at work tomorrow. Visitation is Friday, funeral is Saturday at 2.

Note to everyone else:
I probably won't have time for any extra visits out of town - my mom gets dibs. Sorry in advance.

Query (devolving into random):
Is brown acceptable to wear to a funeral? I know black is traditional, but I just seriously don't have that much in the way of black dress clothes anymore - most of it is either brown or a complementary color that doesn't go as well with black. I dunno - I've only been to one funeral in my life, and at that one, the widow (my grandmother on my dad's side) wore red because it had been her husband's favorite color. (My paternal grandmother has buried three husbands, broke up with a near-fourth, and currently has a platonic male housemate.) Black slacks and a dark-colored-but-not-black sweater? Black slacks and a white blouse? *throws up hands*

Unexpected good:
I'll meet my little brother's fiancée before their wedding. Also will see my uncle that I haven't seen since.. um, since Grandma passed away 6 years ago. =/ Also - Fazoli's!

Stuff to do and packing list: )

What am I forgetting?
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So I used to play Diablo II on my 4-year-old iBook with no problems, and I really enjoyed it. This morning, I dug out my CDs and downloaded the OS X game and patch installers. Only...when I open the game...I get

this: )

And to make it even weirder, the Diablo II logo behind the top square cutout section is bouncing around - the first half of the logo as one unit, and the second half of the logo as a separate unit.

Any ideas?

(crossposted to [ profile] macosx)

Edit: Solved! I switched the video config from hardware-driven to software-driven, and now it is all sorted :)
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If you wanted a laptop sleeve - not a full bag, but merely a sleeve that you could tuck into an existing bag - what sort of features would you want on such a sleeve, if any? Pockets for accessories and cords, lace, bells, fringe? Or would you prefer simply a plain slipcase with no extra pockets, frills or furbelows?
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The release date for Leopard was just announced as Friday, 10/26. I've been looking forward to it for ages. Street pricing is $129, and historically, Apple's educational price for their OS upgrades has been $69. However, once the release date was announced, it appears that the educational price for Leopard through Apple directly is only reduced to $116. I was sad.

Until I found out that some college bookstores are honoring the $69 price, so I emailed the University Bookstore, as MyHospital is under the umbrella of the UW and I am therefore a UW employee, and discovered that THEY are selling Leopard to students and staff at the rate of $69, starting 6pm on Friday 10/26. *boogiedance*

My guess is that Apple - particularly the online store - doesn't have much way to confirm that anyone really is a student, while an on-campus bookstore with an Apple contract can actually check for a valid student/staff ID, so they figure that a legitimate student can go pick it up in person and pay less if they want to.
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I have now dismantled, re-mantled, and totally revamped my desk space. (I do that every so often, but this was the first time really doing so since we moved in here last October.) I have two desks, actually - one big L-shaped desk consisting of two 24x36 legs and the corner, and then another 24x36 desk that I use to make a U-shape. Good: Awesome amounts of desk space, and everything's pretty close to hand. Bad: Those awesome amounts of desk space are also prone to collecting awesome amounts of clutter.

Biggest change: Desk is no longer lifted. It's back to normal desk height. Feels a mite odd, but as Dan kept pointing out, I haven't really been needing to stand at it for quite a while. Took out three boxes and a bag of random junk that had been accumulating (or was left over from when we moved), and now I have more space too. (That said, it feels smaller - probably because it's 8" shorter than it used to be.)

The change was mostly prompted by the fact that the original setup assumed that Nagi - my desktop PC - was my primary computer. However, since acquiring Khan (one month ago today! Holy crap, time flies!), that has no longer been the case. The new setup allows me more room for Khan, and also lets me share the giant mousepad of doom (needed, when one has a glass desk and infrared mice!) between both computers - Nagi's monitor and keyboard are to my left, but her mouse (being cordless) can live on its charging base on the back right corner of the desk, where I can get to it if I need to. I also swapped the sides - one side of the L has an upper shelf, and now that's the leg of the U rather than the center bit - so I can see the office TV from my desk. (Before, Nagi's monitor was in the way.) And as an added bonus, I can now get to Nagi's media drives - specifically, the DVD burner - without doing acrobatics and practically falling out of my chair.

Still need to do a bit of rearranging on the stuff, but I think the important bits are set for now. Which is nice, because my happy ass is going to bed.
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Oh hay :)

This LJ post brought to you by a happy new freshly upgraded MacBook :D

Good times!

His name is Khan, and Rasputin has been restored and sent home with Ari, where he will surely enjoy his second incarnation as a happy fun experiment box.
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T-5 hours to new laptop-ness!!

I've got it narrowed down to 2 names right now, but am yet undecided.

Option 1: Lenin. *cough* My first Mac was Nikolai, then he was replaced by the insidious Rasputin (my current iBook). Lenin was the next big name in the "line of succession", as it were, and would continue my Macs-are-Russian naming scheme.

Option 2: Khan. As in Shere Khan. In addition to new MacBook coming with the Tiger version of the OS, it would also result in my computers both being named for villains in Kipling stories. Hee.
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So about a year and a half ago, word came down from on high that there had been A Settlement with members of the union I have to be in, and that everybody who was health-insurance eligible on 6-1-2007 would get a moderately sizeable one-time bonus on their 7-25-07 paycheck. I decided at that time that I was going to use the bonus to replace my iBook with a new MacBook, since Rasputin was almost two years old then, and is now going on four, and I'm going to be in school for at least another six years, probably longer. (Well, more or less. The bonus is not quite sizeable enough for a MacBook by itself, but [ profile] pyran is purchasing Rasputin from me, and the combination of the two will work quite nicely.)

I haven't had to name a computer since I got Ras, and his name had been determined a year or two before THAT. I used to have a G3 tower that I'd named Nikolai, as I was on a Russian naming kick at the time. (Hence, my old Taurus named Count Ivan the Mad, and my car moose being Alexei, Boris, Chekhov and Dimitri.) Shortly after I got Nikolai, the iBooks had come out, and they just kept.... whispering.... insidiously..... until such time as I sold Nikolai and started saving up for Rasputin. So he was sort of pre-named. :) My PC desktop box is Nagi - short for Nagaina - the female cobra from Rikki Tikki Tavi, and I've had her for almost six years, through various reincarnations. (I think she's only got ..... one of her original parts at this point, but I don't have any intentions of changing that one any time soon.)

But on Wednesday, I will have a new laptop in need of a name. Needing suggestions!


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