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Discovery: with a $29 adapter and a $7 cable, I can dual-screen my computer with my 32" TV.

*rubs hands together gleefully*
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Can I even tell you how giggly I would be to walk down the street talking on this. There are not even WORDS.

(T-minus 7 days. >.> )
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Preliminary stipulations for the purposes of this poll:

For question 1, a device that makes phone calls without Skype or some other VOIP software counts as a cell phone, regardless of whatever other features it may have. Yes, the iPhone may have features that make it usable as a PDA, MP3 player, etc etc, but for the purposes of this poll, it ONLY counts as a cell phone.

For questions 2 and 3, I'm asking only about ways and features that you USE your phone. If your phone *can* do a particular thing, but you don't use that feature, it doesn't count. Example: My phone has a calendar where I can schedule my appointments, but I don't use it, so I would not check that I use my phone as a calendar or as a PDA replacement.

[Poll #1456309]
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Dear anyone who has a notion about the workings of sewing machines:

Can anyone help me figure out why my sewing machine is doing this? (Large pic at the link.) It's the top-bobbin thread that's tangling, but it's getting caught up in the bottom workings somehow, and I don't have any idea how or why. I didn't mess with the tension or any other settings, it just started doing that.

And I'm only about halfway through a dress that I have to have done by Friday, naturally.

Edit: Fixed!

Now I just have to make the damn thing fit me in the back. The bodice fits fine in the front, but somehow the back is absurdly wide, in such a fashion that I can't just take it straight in up the center seam. Feh.
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Let's say you have an assortment of computers, some laptops, some desktops, some running Windows, some Macs. If you had to sort them into exactly two groups (no more) to fall under two different naming conventions, and the users and the ages of the machines were totally irrelevant....

[Poll #1365024]
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Recent technical oddities that are amusing me:

I. Windows XP Activation.

Because I had replaced the motherboard, processor, RAM, network card, and video card of my desktop PC, I had to re-activate Windows. Normally, you get 30 days to do so. Not this time!

Windows: "You must activate Windows before you can log in."
Me: "Sure, okay."
Windows: "Would you like to activate Windows online?"
Me: "Well, I haven't been able to log in and install any drivers or anything, but I just ran the Windows XP repair thingy, so maybe that did the trick. So yeah, sure. Online is good."
Windows: "I'm sorry, I am unable to connect to the internet. You will need to log in and confirm your network settings before you are able to activate Windows."
Me: "But you just said I can't log in til it's activated!"
Windows: "Sorry, lady. Not my problem."

I ended up having to activate over the phone with a nice gentleman who's name was probably not Stuart.

II. Setting up the new router yesterday.

(Eff Netgear and Linksys - I got a D-Link this time.)
Me: *returns home with nice shiny new router*
Editor's note: Routers are a Networking Device, yeah? I thought so.
Me: *opens package, reads instructions*
Instructions: "Before you plug the router into anything, you must insert this CD into a computer that is connected to the internet and download and run the installation program."
Me: "So I have to have the internet to use my networking device?"

I mean, I *did* have the internet, and I did successfully configure the networking device, and I suppose one *probably* wouldn't buy a router for a non-internet-enabled network, but it still seemed a little weird that the installation CD wouldn't, you know, have the installation program on it.
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GenCon is next week.

My character doesn't talk.

Historically, this has not been problematic. The first year I played her, I used Pocket Word on my Jornada 540 Pocket PC. The second year, I used the Notes function on my Sidekick.

Only this year, I no longer have the Sidekick. My current phone has no Notes function. And while I still have the Pocket PC, I can't find the charger for the damn thing. (I could order one online, but it probably wouldn't get here in time.)


Edit: Woot! I found the notes function on my phone by asking Dan where it was! It's hidden under like fifteen menus :)
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Geek triumph.

I got my PC running with Windows XP. (Side note: I LOVE ObjectDock. Who needs a start menu anyway. But Dan keeps laughing at me because I keep making my icons swing.)

I also got my ancient printer working. (Yes, inkjet printers are a dime a dozen these days, but the ancient printer in question is a laptop-sized intended-to-be-portable Canon BJC-80, and Canon no longer has drivers for it.)
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LJ layout question.

I have my normal style, which is fairly basic but not bare bones, for when I'm reading LJ on a computer at home or work.

I also have a separate bare-bones, no-userpics, text-only style that I use when I'm reading LJ on my mobile device (seen here).

And finally, on my Viewing Options page, I have the little checkbox for "View comment pages in your own journal style" checked.

However, when I'm looking at LJ on my mobile, that checkbox doesn't seem to apply - probably because I have to add the style number for that view, rather than it being the default. And there are a couple of super-fancy customized layouts among you fine folks whereby trying to load *your* layouts causes my mobile's browser (on both my new phone and my old one) to crash. (Which isn't that big a deal, I know who's pages do it and for now I just don't go there, because your LJ layouts are for you and not for me and all that jazz.) But ... is there a way to edit the mobile-view style to force-add a ?style=mine onto comment links?
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School's done. Waiting on 5 out of 6 grades, the other is a "4.0 A+++".
Power's back.
Weekend was cold. Hedgehog is safe, thanks to G&A, and back at home. Still cranky though.
I'm 26 now.
Yay convertible mixer/stick blender! Must make cookies. For testing purposes. Really.
Must start finish holiday shopping.
Eragon was good - Casino Royale was unfinished, thanks to the burnt-out projector bulb.
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Wireless cards in desktop computers. How reliable are they, specifically for situations involving online gaming?

We're doing some domicile reorganization this weekend, involving full or partial relocations of three different rooms of our 2-bedroom apartment, and one of the things involved is one of the "bedrooms" is becoming a sort of part-rec-room-part-office-for-me - meaning that my computers and Dan's will no longer be in the same room. My laptop is already wireless (oh noez! ghosts through the wifi!), but neither of us is particularly keen on stringing cable through hallways and in front of high-traffic doors and whatnot, so as long as they're fairly reliable, I'd like to be able to just put a wireless card into Nagi.

The wireless router will still be within 25 feet, so it SHOULD be okay, ne? I've used my laptop in the room in question before, but I have no experience with wireless networking in desktop machines.

Also, any specific recommendations would be appreciated, though I'd like to keep the cost down as much as possible. I....THINK our wireless router is a Linksys, if it matters, and it's only a Wireless-B variety.
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Heh. My bluetooth headset keeps calling Ari, if I accidentally bump the button on it in my purse to redial. It has no button lock. *facepalm*
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I have a Bluetooth headset (a Motorola H500, if it matters) that connects to the charger via a 5-pin mini-B USB port. Er, I dunno that that made sense. *clarify* The wall charger that came with it has an AC wall plug on one end and a 5-pin mini USB plug on the other end, that plugs into a 5-pin mini USB port on the headset. This is all well and dandy.

However, I'm curious about alternate charging options for when I go on a trip and don't want to crawl under my desk to fish the AC charger out of the mass of cords, and I want to make sure these alternate charging options aren't going to fry out my headset or something.

Alternate option 1: I have a USB cable that plugs into a normal USB port on a computer and has a 5-pin mini plug on the other end - it's the charging/transfer cable that came with my logitech camera.

Alternate option 2: I have a cable that has a car charger on one end and a 5-pin mini plug on the other. It's intended to charge MP3 players and digital cameras.

If I plug my headset into either of these and attempt to charge it off the computer or the car, does anyone know if it will (a) fry the headset or (b) actually work? (I know I could just try it to see if it works, but I'm more worried about the frying part.)
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ugh. it's so hot that Nagi's video card is too overheated to run WoW. I've got fans pointed at her in the hopes that this will help.

and i will discuss my mouse woes when i have finished doing my nails and can again type with both hands.
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Hokay. My no-name $15-on-Ebay KVM is giving up the ghost - it occasionally stops recognizing my mouse and keyboard for a few minutes at a time.

1) Replace it. This may be difficult - I have a USB keyboard and mouse, and in my experience, KVMs are either PS/2 based or expensive. (While this one was cheap and is giving up the ghost now, it DID last two years.)
2) Reorganize my desk so that the computer is moved somewhere that the mouse cable will reach it without anything in between. :P

Right now, I'm leaning toward Option 2, with an option to reconsider in the next few months. However, does anyone have any suggestions as to a piece of hardware should I go with Option 1, either now or later?
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Like many of you, I have an alarm clock.

I've had my alarm clock since I was twelve, and my father used it for years before that.

As electronics are wont to do when they near 20 years of hard use, my alarm clock is starting to wear out, and since nobody likes to be late for work, I'd like to replace it before it gives up the ghost for good.

That said, I've never had to buy an alarm clock before, and the one I've been using for thirteen years...well, it tells time, and it makes a loud noise at 4:30am, and it has a snooze button. And that's about it. What kind of features do alarm clocks have these days, and which of these features are worth bothering with? (Anything music-related is automatically irrelevant, as the only thing that will get me out of bed is the obnoxious BEEP BEEP BEEP noise - a clock-radio won't cut it.)
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For interested parties:

Current Sidekick users can order the Sidekick 3 from T-Mobile online as of today. It'll be available in stores on 7/10.

Three guesses how I found this out. :D
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I found my dealbreaker on the MDA. *sigh*

Right now, I have the Sidekick II with a data-only plan, including unlimited internet, email, text messaging, and AIM, but no included voice minutes. (I pretty much never talk on the phone if I can help it.) Monthly cost: $30, plus 20 cents a minute and whatever taxes they charge. (If I wanted 300 anytime minutes and unlimited weekend minutes, it'd be $50/month. But I don't.)

With the MDA, my official, non-phone-hacking plan options would be

a. $50/month for unlimited internet access and no voice minutes, or
b. $60/month for unlimited internet access, 300 anytime minutes and unlimited weekend minutes.

Right. Now. See above, where my current plan includes unlimited text messaging and AIM? NONE of the plans for the MDA, which (as a device) offers ICQ, MSN and Yahoo messengers in addition to AIM, include ANY text messaging - and they count any message sent via an IM system as a text message too. If I want unlimited messaging, I have to pay for ANOTHER add-on, at $15/month (or $10 for 1000 messages, or $5 for 400 messages). Also see above, where I said I pretty much never talk on the phone if I can help it. How do I communicate via cell phone? Why, with AIM and text messaging.

So having to pay a minimum of $65 for a non-phone-hacking plan (or $51 for a phone-hacking plan) to get what I currently get for $29.99 - that's my dealbreaker. (Plus I wouldn't be able to use my email address anymore, as those are Sidekick-specific, and I like the SK having a different email address than my regular email address.)

However, I heard some rumors about the SK3 coming out sometime in the not too distant future, and that intrigues me. But for now, I think I'm going to look into finding a new battery for my little PDA.
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Nrg. I'm back to wibbling about the MDA again.

My PDA's battery is to the point where it needs to be recharged every day, else it'll die on me about halfway through the second day (and this is with about 50-60 minutes of continual use per day, plus occasional other use for 2-3 minutes at a time). I'm also using it way more than I thought I would. So I started pondering - buy a new battery, for more than what I paid for the PDA to begin with, or upgrade to a nicer, newer model? I looked at Pocket PCs.

And then I thought "Self, if you're willing to consider spending $300-400 on a new PDA, why the heck wouldn't you just go for the MDA? The monthly plan is either $20 more for the same access as you currently have or $30 more for the same access plus 300 anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, and MSN access, and that was a dealbreaker a month and a half ago, but a month and a half ago, you were also paying $60 more a month in car insurance."

So now I'm trying to decide if the monthly difference is still a dealbreaker and whether I actually want to spend the money on a new device (which I've been wibbling about on and off for the better part of three months or so, I think, if not longer). *facepalm*
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Good: A Nano came to my house today!
Bad: It's not for me :)


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