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OMG, yo.

The Ambassoraptor's trip report and his photos can be found here.


zomg. ZOMG. )

Ginger: "Will you hold my dinosaur?"
BB: "Sure, I'll hold your dinosaur. Wow, he's little. Aren't dinosaurs supposed to be big? Have a great con!"
Ginger: *squee*


I got his autograph on a character pic of Sheridan. BB is left-handed - I had no idea.

(Oh, of COURSE I have a developing cold sore right in the middle of my lip, and my necklace is turned around backwards, and the collar of my shirt is laying funny, but heck with it. PICTURE.)

There was flail. There was squee. In general, we just had a really good time. The vendor room was small, but the panel lineup sounded really interesting and they had a TON of media guests - William Shatner was the headliner, but they also had BB, and Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner (and Wil Wheaton) from ST:TNG, John Noble and Jasika Nicole from Fringe, the guys from Boondock Saints, James Marsters, Nicolas Brendan and Clare Kramer from Buffy, Felicia Day and some other people who's names I vaguely recognized... LOTS. I'm mildly bummed to have missed the Buffy singalong last night, and am really intrigued by the panel on the social anthropology of Firefly that's happening tomorrow.

Today though, around the BB signing and photo ops, we caught the last few minutes of the Fringe panel, the Jonathan Frakes/Brent Spiner Q&A (these guys were hilarious, but really bad at actually A'ing the Qs) and the woefully-cut-short Buffy Q&A with James Marsters, Nicolas Brendan and Clare Kramer. They got started late, I guess, so everyone kept running over, but they wouldn't start Shatner any later than his scheduled time, so the Buffy panel started 20 minutes late and ended five minutes early, which is kind of a bummer.

While we were wandering around the con, we ended up walking right behind Marian Call, so we said hi and chatted for a sec. I told her that her North Carolina show on her 50-states tour had been in [ profile] joyce's backyard, and she told me how cool the light-rigging had been that [ profile] madgenius set up for that show. Apparently Joyce neglected to tell me that someone almost ran over Jeff's mom during the show, but it stuck in Marian's brain!

After con-stuff, Ari and I poked our noses into Barnes and Noble, then headed over to Hard Rock Cafe to get some dinner before the James Marsters show. This was, well, more or less successful. Then while standing in line for the show, we happened to be standing in line behind someone I trained at work six years ago. So we spent our while in line catching up. Sort of.

The show was decent. I think I'd like his rock-band stuff a bit better than his solo-semi-acoustic stuff, but it was still good. I have some video, but I haven't had a chance yet to check and see if it's any good.

All told, an excellent day. :)
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Emerald City Comic Con is the weekend of March 4-6. I've never been overly interested in it, not being much of a comic person.


Last night, the movie theater was showing an ad for the Con right as we went in for our movie. One of the media guests is Bruce Boxleitner. For the most of you who don't grok the name, he played my favorite character (John Sheridan) in my favorite TV show (Babylon-5) EVER. (My main computer's name is Sheridan.) (He was also in Tron, but sod that for a bag of soldiers he played JOHN SHERIDAN. *flail*)

Holy record-scratching squee.

So on Saturday 3/5, Ari and I are going to the ECCC where I will fangirl in line, get Bruce Boxleitner's autograph, and GET MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH HIM AND MY TRAVELING DINOSAUR.

And, as icing on the cake, we may well go to the James Marsters concert that evening.

Life is good, world. Life is good.

(My unabashed dorkitude, let me show you it.)


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