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In less controversial god-why-can't-this-be-over-yet-only-a-few-more-days news, I received my new phone today (though the FedEx guy disregarded my "PLEASE LEAVE MY PACKAGE AT THE MANAGEMENT OFFICE" notice and I had to chase out to effing ISSAQUAH to retrieve the new shiny.

And then, joy of joys, I got to call Verizon customer service to activate it. Luckily, the CSR I got lived up to his name (Angel) and got my phone working properlike in six minutes flat, as well as confirming that my handset insurance will carry over to the new phone. I've played around with it a bit, adjusted my settings and whatnot, and am so far tentatively pleased. (I think it'll probably take more than fifteen minutes to decide for sure that I like it, but magic eight ball says it looks promising.)

Of course, none of my existing accessories will work with it, despite being the same manufacturer as my old phone. Luckily, Dan has the same phone that I did before, so *he* will get use out of said accessories, mostly. At least the chargers.

Definitely need a screen protector, at least. Probably an extra charger as well, though those can be had on ebay for five bucks. Whee. :)
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So I sent a revised letter to Verizon's VP of Customer Service via the webform on Saturday morning.

Today, I got a call from Bernadette T in their executive office in Irvine who apologized profusely for the problems I've had, assured me that the managers of the two Bellevue Verizon stores will be contacted to discuss retraining that may be needed for their employees, and ordered up a sparkly new LG Dare that should be delivered to me no later than Thursday.

I am tentatively pleased.

(Also, nice to see, from Verizon's website about the Dare: "Device Software Update – Download software upgrades over the air." I should, touch wood, never have to set foot in a Verizon store again :P )


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