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ginger: It has been two weeks since my last Qdoba.
ari: That sounds like the start of a confession.
ginger: *smirk*

Ari and I are now writing the Holy Book of the Burrito.

The First Psalm:

Thus sayeth the Jew:

1. Qdoba is my shepherd; I shall not starve.
2. It maketh me to sit down in wooden booths: it leadeth me beside the delicious food.
3. It restoreth my soul: it leadeth me in the paths of contentedness for its name's sake.
4. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Chipotle, I will fear no crappy tacos: for thou art with me. Thy tortilla and thy queso sauce, they comfort me.
5. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine other options. Thou anointest my head with salsa; my Coke runneth over.
6. Surely goodness and deliciousness shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of Qdoba forever.

In the name of the taco, and of the burrito, and of the holy salsa, amen.
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[11:48] relfen: hmm, what to eat for lunch
[11:48] relfen: I was going to start packing lunches this week, but alas...I didn't
[11:52] Ginger: what are your options?
[12:18] relfen: teriyaki, Qdoba, Jersey Mike's
[12:18] relfen: probably what I'll decide between
[12:19] Ginger: I vote Qdoba. I miss Qdoba.
[12:19] Ginger: Eat Qdoba for me.
[12:19] Ginger: And bring me some.
[12:20] relfen: when did you last have Qdoba?
[12:21] Ginger: Wednesday. Before that, a month ago.
[12:21] Ginger: Bless me, C2, for I have sinned. It has been 5 days since my last burrito.
[12:21] Ginger: *goes to hell*
[12:24] relfen: you are forgiven. Your penance shall be to eat at Qdoba twice in the next 2 weeks!
[12:24] Ginger: Woot!
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I am having a seriously huge taco craving. Like SERIOUSLY HUGE.

However, Ari and I (and the rest of the Family, if they're interested) are going to have IHOP for dinner and quite possibly get me a bicycle tonight.
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So bored.

I just revamped my userinfo for the first time in a year or so.

I want tacos.
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I spent Saturday morning baking. The oatmeal cookies went over really well, and Dan has requested more of the peanut butter cookies.

Dan unexpectedly got Saturday afternoon and Sunday off.

Saturday night, we had macaroni and cheese and rolls and kielbasa and steamed greenbeans with Grant and Anjela, then played some Chrononauts and Aquarius. Anjela and I got very silly toward the end of the night.

Sunday, Dan and I slept in and opened presents.

Loot! )

Sunday evening, I went to pick up Ari at the airport, Dan led an Alterac Valley raid group to victory, and I fixed a super-yummy dinner: herb-roasted cornish game hens, stuffing, roasted red potatoes, fresh-baked bread, and salad. Augh. Wonderful. I only ate half my chicken, and cursed loud and long the next morning when I discovered that I had forgotten to put the leftover stuffing away.

Monday, Dan had to work again. (He works arse-early in the morning - 6:30am-3:30pm.) I, however, did not. So I was looking forward to sleeping in. Except that someone kept CALLING at 6:30. Finally, I got up and muttered something into the phone.

Do me a favor, don't lock the house when you leave.
I can't find my keys. I have my extra car keys, so I got to work, but I need to come home on lunch and look for my keyring, and I don't have an extra house key. I'll be home at 11, so it won't be for very long.
Mmph. Won't be leaving before then anyway.
I thought you had to leave for work at 7?
No work. Day off.
Oh! Go back to bed!

Figures - I got him a new wallet for X-Moose (he's lost his twice in the last year, if lost is the right word - both times, he's gone to the drive-thru at the Burger King on NE 8th in downtown Bellevue, paid for his food, and somewhere between the BK and our house, the wallet has disappeared. Both times, we've emptied out the cars he was in and searched every pair of pants or clothes with pockets he owns, and NOTHING. He's not allowed to go to that BK anymore) so he loses his keys instead. :)

However, I found his keys before he got home - somehow, he'd dropped them in the rec room and they'd gotten buried under a pile of wrapping paper.

I spent Monday watching Jurassic Park and Twister and knitting on a second sock - I ended up starting a pair of socks on Saturday night for Ari for X-Moose and finishing them mid-Monday afternoon.

Monday night, we had a post-X-Moose lasagne and asparagus and garlic-herb-bread and DESSERT dinner with Grant and Anjela and Ari, along with a gift exchange, and determining a last name for the elven family on WoW (Ari, Anjela and I play a family of four - Ari's hunter is the oldest, mine is the second oldest, and Anjela and I have a pair of druid twins, plus she also has a priest who's a cousin). It turns out that "moosesheep" and "forestfire" both translate to the same thing in Darnassian (Ash'therod), and we decided that was just too perfect. :)
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Woo! Today I am wearing my Orange Corduroy Pants of Surreptitious Mooseness! *poing* (And a white shirt. And black shoes. Not just pants.)

I also want tacos. :)
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We had tacos for dinner last night :)

We will probably have tacos for dinner again tonight :)

Ironically, after not having Qtacos for dinner since mid-April, tonight will be my 5th Qtaco meal in the past week.
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YAYAYAYAY!!! The taco asshat is gone! The Qdoba is safe once again! *POING!*


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