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Holiday baking:
peanut blossoms
sugar cookies
gingerbread cookies
white chocolate chip cookies
regular chocolate chip cookies
chocolate peanut-butter chip cookies
choco-mint blossoms
peppermint bark (white, milk and marble?)
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I am thankful for this pumpkin pie and the cool whip (yes, cool whip, shut up) on top of it. I am not, however, thankful for the pie crust, which is wholly unsatisfying.

But the pie is good. And there will be more good pie later, of at least two varieties :)
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The cafe downstairs has started carrying fresh-baked chocolate cream-cheese-stuffed croissants. I'm not entirely sure this should be legal.
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In happier news, it is Friday, I am acing my classes, I am meeting up with [ profile] swingkitten9 and [ profile] totheleft for pancakes on Sunday morning, and today is some dude's birthday so he brought in an entire conference room full of huge cookies, brownies and other various sugary treats and told the entire floor to have at. So my lunch has been ridiculously tasty lemon cheesecake and half of a chocolate peanut butter brownie that started out about the size of my face.

(Nobody I've asked so far actually knows who the birthday dude is or what department he belongs to. We may all have just gotten poisoned by an Outside Force. But my GOD are these treats tasty.)
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And today's award for Best Discovery Of The Day goes to [ profile] clockworktomato!!

Lunch was egg salad with roasted garlic hummus on half of a FlatOut wrap, and oh my GOD was it tasty. (Afternoon snack was the other half of the wrap with more hummus. Noms.)
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I spent most of the day finishing up the blankie of loveliness that I posted, while watching a marathon of the special features on the Lord of the Rings extended disc sets. (I still have about two and a half discs worth of features to get through.) In addition, we had a quite tasty dinner.

menu and commentary )

I did not, amazingly, make a dessert. However, at some point probably this weekend, there will be the beginnings of Christmas baking. Experiments with fudge and peppermint bark, probably at least a couple different kinds of cookies, we'll see what else if anything.

I went to Target, though not until after sunrise. It was remarkably painless. I came away with gifts for the podling, my sister, my sister-in-law, and a handful of stocking stuffers for those people for whom I am stuffing stockings. I think at this point the only people I haven't either planned, started, or acquired a gift for are my mom and Dan's dad, both of whom are hard to shop for. (My mom told me where she'd like a gift card to, if I go that route, but I'd prefer not to.) On top of that, all the gifts that I have thus far acquired are wrapped and the two stockings are mostly stuffed, and should be done by the end of the day. I'll have boxes going four, possibly five ways this year, so I need to work on acquiring shipping boxes and probably more tins/containers for the yummies that people are getting to make up for my skint Christmas budget.
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What is your favorite cookie/candy recipe?
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I have a really stupid question.

I have bread, butter, lunch meat, cheese, a (gas) oven (with broiler), a (gas) range, a microwave, a toaster, and a toaster oven that I don't know how to use beyond "how to turn it on and set the temperature" (the toaster is mine, the toaster oven is Dan's).

So um ... how do I make a hot (grilled, broiled, toasted, something?) meat-and-cheese sandwich that is hopefully neither burnt nor greasy? Usually I would just make toast, then make a sandwich on toast, but what I'm mildly jonesing for is a full-on hot sandwich, melted cheese, the whole shebang. And I have never attempted this before.
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Last night, Dan and Ari and I used one of the $25-for-$2 gift certificates mentioned in my previous post to try out a new restaurant, Paddy Coyne's Irish Pub in Lincoln Square, and were quite pleased.

We started with a basket of Irish soda bread, available in both white and wheat varieties and served with real butter. Dan and I both swooned over the wheat, leaving the white for Ari. (In fact, I ordered a second basket of it to bring home, because soda bread with jam is a super tasty breakfast.)

After much deliberation - because there was a LOT that sounded good - Ari ordered an open-faced steak sandwich, Dan ordered beef stew (which came with more soda bread, noms), and I had the pub meatloaf with mashed potatoes and veggies. We all tried a little bit of everyone's food, except that I think Ari didn't have any of Dan's quart of stew (literally - he ate half the bowl, and what was left filled up half of a one-quart takeout container). I wasn't so keen on Ari's sandwich, and neither of the boys liked my meatloaf half so well as I did (score, more for me!), but we were all QUITE pleased with our own meals.

They had two of Ari's weaknesses as well -- good Irish hard cider (a variety I've never had before, very mild and tasty!) and chocolate bread pudding, in this case, with a whiskey-praline ice cream that Dan and I both enjoyed while Ari struggled his way through the mound of dense rich bread pudding.

I wouldn't call it a cheap meal -- the entrees seem to be mostly in the $13-16 price range (though Dan and I each left with a second meal's worth of leftovers), and the dessert was almost $10 (though it was enough for all three of us), and Dan and I ourselves would have no issue hitting the $35 food minimum on the gift certificate, but considering that said gift certificate cost $2, I think we definitely got our money's worth out of the place, and it'll go on the "places to go for halfway-special occasions and when we have company" list for sure.

Also, aside from regular dinners, they also do happy hours with much cheaper food options between 4 and 6 nightly, and on Mondays they have Steak-And-Chips Night for $4.99. (I'm not sure what that entails -- the page in the menu thingy just said MONDAYS: STEAK AND CHIPS $4.99.)
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PSA: sells $25 restaurant gift certificates for $10 (or $10 certs for $4) normally, and the coupon code TASTE will take another 80% off :) I just got $100 worth of gift certificates for $8.
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Mmm. By a bacon sandwich is a happy Ginger made.


26 August 2007 09:46 am
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Eeee! My waffle has bear feet! Read more... )

Pie Week!

1 June 2007 11:14 pm
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I've heard that next week is Pie Week.

So in honor of Pie Week:

Death Pie! )
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Friday evening:

On Friday afternoon, I got a wild hair to have people over for dinner. So I invited Ari, C2 and Gretchen over for macaroni and cheese. And then I realized that our house was an unholy pit of desperately-needing-to-be-cleaned-ness. So I went home and cleaned the house enough that Dan's jaw dropped when he finally got home. I made macaroni and cheese, little sausages, salad, and we had these really tasty cheese-and-chive scones from the new bakery across the street. Post-dinner, the boys talked WoW while Gretchen and I played "There's A Moose In The House" (which is a silly game in that the goal is to have the FEWEST moose in the house! Bah! I proudly lost) and "Phase 10". It was a good night.

Saturday and Sunday:

Aside from work for 3.5 hours on Saturday evening and a brief breakfast-and-bookstore outing on Sunday morning, I spent the entire damn weekend in my computer chair playing WoW. Heh. My druid is now about a third of the way into L69 and can turn into a bird. I already have her griffon ready to go, and she has 2 fragments of her Karazhan key. She mostly-tanked a Steamvaults run, though there were several problematic situations (by which I totally mean wipes), mostly on bosses and mostly due to the fact that I can still count on my fingers the number of times she's tanked an instance. I was commenting that I find it mildly ironic that I finally developed an interest in learning to tank about three weeks before I plan to respec back to resto for end-game raiding. (Also watched four episodes of Buffy and The Swiss Family Robinson while I was playing.)

All in all, it was a pretty darned good weekend.

Tonight, my intention is to watch Children of Men, if I can get through it without wanting to throw things at the TV, and then see how much farther I can get toward L70. Right now, my rested XP runs out about halfway between where I am and where I want to be.
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Ok, McDonalds people. Usually, you're right on the ball. But today....

What I ordered:
Two snack wraps, grilled chicken with no cheese - one honey mustard, one ranch.

What I got:
One grilled chicken with honey mustard, no cheese, and one crispy chicken with honey mustard, no cheese.

So I took the wrong one back up to the counter.
This one is incorrect - it's supposed to be grilled chicken with ranch and no cheese.

What I got:
One crispy chicken wrap with honey mustard, EXTRA cheese.

So I again took the wrong one back, and they finally got it right. But man.

Verdict: Too much wrap, not enough chicken. But once I tore off the extra wrap (because I, unlike some folk of my acquaintance, do not like eating mouthsful of plain dry tortillas), they were both pretty tasty. That said, from now on I think I'll stick with the chicken sandwich instead.
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Oh my gawd.

I made a loaf of wheat bread in my bread machine yesterday - plain old wheat bread, same recipe I've used a half-dozen times before - and now I am having a very hard time resisting the urge to slice off another three or four slices (aside from the one I'm finishing right now) and just butter it all and sprinkle it with cinnamon and EAT IT ALL.

Because this bread is JUST that good.

Edit: Ok. One more piece. But that's IT.
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Next on the list of things I didn't like when I was a kid, but seem to like now:

Butterscotch pudding.

Go fig.
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Man, today is not my good-food day! The dried pineapple I bought last week has an eat-by date of March 2006 on it, and smells pretty funky. So far, it looks like my lunch will consist of a rice cake, some graham crackers, and a nutrigrain bar. :P

Edit: My rice cake is stale. *facepalm*


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