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Hey, how about that. It just occured to me that we've been engaged for one year today. Woo!
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Looks like Tuesday the 18th will be our big dress-up date night in Vegas - we have 6:30 dinner reservations at Nine Fine Irishmen and 10:30 tickets for Ka (caution - link has sounds). (Ka is dark Sundays and Mondays, and we've got to be at the airport at something like 6pm on Wednesday evening to come home.)

The dress code for NFI is "stylish-casual". I would assume a cute little sundress is acceptable?
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Not such a Valentine's person. I'm wearing a burgundy shirt, and my wedding necklace (three heart-shaped garnets *loves on Jillie and Chas*), and hoping I can get Dan to take me out for Valentine tacos tonight. :)

But really, my most memorable valentine's day is still the anti-valentine party at GZ the first V-day I was in Seattle, when we all lounged around and watched The Exorcist. Depending on what happens tonight, that may be my knitting movie for the evening. *snort* And then Dan will laugh at me for being jumpy. Because that's what I do when I watch The Exorcist, and that's what he does when I watch The Exorcist.

But then there was the first night he and I watched it together, when the movie ended and I turned off the TV - and it turned itself back on. Two or three times. So I started freaking out and he started talking in a creepy voice in the corner of the dark living room. :P He still does that too.
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-Dan and I went and saw Rent last night before it left local theatres - lovely. I'd never seen it before. I cried a lot. Very good show. Still want to see it on stage.

-Speaking of musicals on screen, I have to say, I'd still like to see a musical-film version of Les Miserables. On the other hand, the stage production is coming to the Seattle area in May, and I WILL be going. I've never seen it, but I know the music by heart, and I've wanted to see it since I was 14 or so.

-WoW: I'm going to Zul'Gurub with Dan's guild group tonight. We'll see how that goes.

-I want to make sugar cookies. I'm not sure why. The problem I have with making cookies is that I SO DON'T EAT ENOUGH OF THEM TO MAKE IT WORTH THE TIME. Maybe I'll have to try to make like...a 1/4 batch of cookies. :P And then there's the part where I can never get sugar cookies to roll out right without sticking to the counter and getting misshapen because they won't come neatly out of my moose cookie cutter.

-Or....oh! those little round cookies with the hershey's kisses in the middle. What are those called? Anybody got a good recipe for them?

-Or maybe chocolate-peanut-butter fudge.

-Maybe I just want to make junk food and use hyphens.
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Hee! I got Stacey's pants just in time to wear them out for my anniversary dinner! :D


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