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Nums. My husband gets an A in Lasagne 101.

Joyce and Holly -- which of you had the Red Lobster biscuit knockoff recipe?
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Damn, I'm just chatty all over the place today. Heh.

Me: Holy CRAP my baby sister's hair is long.
Dan: Eh?
Dan: Considering I think I've met your sister...once....maybe? Actually....have I ever met your sister? [Ed: This cracked me up SO HARD.]
Me: Nope.
Dan: And I haven't really even seen any photos of her, at least nothing from the past 10 years or so. I honestly don't really know what she looks like.
Me: But I've never seen her hair any longer than just below shoulder-length.
Dan: ....which one of the two is she? laughs
Me: Oh dear :) she's the blonde.
Dan: I was assuming the one on the right.
Me: Yes.
Dan: Wow. I never really thought about that fact.
Me: I haven't seen her since before you and I started dating.
Dan: You have a family immediate she is your sister family member...that I've never even met nor could really even recognize in a photo.
Dan: That's....kinda insane.
Dan: For me and my family at least.
Me: And NOW you see why it baffles me so much that you're on the phone with your sister every two or three days? :)
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Dan tells me that Farmville has Gingerbread Arches! And hey, look, Holly Arches!

Me: !!! *clicks on little buy-stuff link* Aww, man. The Holly arches cost coins, but the Ginger arches cost farmbucks, and I don't have enough. I was going to buy a Ginger Arch and put it next to a Holly Arch, and then reJoyce!
Dan: .... that is HORRIBLE.
Me: That was AWESOME.

So I just bought the Holly arch and put it next to my reindeers.


Me: SO SO AWESOME. ReJoyce!!
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Me: I would just like to say that I am using the toaster oven All By Myself and I have not set it on fire yet.
Dan: Up until the "yet," I thought you were doing pretty good. Is there a strong possibility that you will set it on fire before you're done?
Me: Well, I would just like to point out that, of the two people in this household, I am the one who has never set the toaster oven on fire in the past.
Dan: ... I'm going back to my book now.
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Dan, on Maxim Magazine: "They have neat stuff in them."
Ginger: *raises eyebrow*
Dan: "BESIDES the cute chicks!"
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Last night...

Me (to Ari): Dan's birthday is tomorrow, so we'll probably go out for dinner.
Dan: ... It is?

Yes, it is. Happy birthday, m'dear :)
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So there was a great deal of traveling, and I should probably update about it.

Pre-traveling: Dan left for Chicago on Sunday, 6/27, and I had the house to myself for several days. That hasn't happened since before we got engaged, for the record, which was in May 2005. I did massive organization and cleaning sprees on my desk, our bedroom and the linen closet. All three of the bedroom closet doors are accessible now. I don't have to have mountaineer's gear to get to my desk. This is awesome. I also saw a movie and attended several Rainbow functions, including an installation ceremony and reception, a ritual competition practice, a board meeting, and a planning meeting for Grand Assembly, as well as taking an evening to spend lounging around my house doing ... well, pretty much the same things I do when Dan's here.

Chicago: Thursday 7/2 to Monday morning 7/6 )

Michigan: Monday 7/6-Thursday 7/9 )

Grand Assembly, Friday 7/9 to Sunday 7/10: )

All in all, I had good travels, and now I'm glad to be home. Especially since I have ten days of company arriving TOMORROW NIGHT ZOMG. *rockin' booty dance*
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Dan's picked up the game Medieval 2: Total War, and listening to him play this game is ridiculously entertaining.

He had in his royal family King Henry the Mad (who later became King Henry the Malevolent before he died). Henry's heir was Prince Philip the Ugly, and his other kids were three equivalently bad daughters: Margaret, the fugly desperate prude, Ybelote, the fugly pretentious lesbian, and Amelyn, who lost her own description profile when she married but landed her husband Loefwine with the tag "Wife is a wretch." (The characters in the game are assigned descriptions. We didn't make this up.)

He has since managed to off Henry the Mad-and-Malevolent and Philip the Ugly, leaving the son-in-law Loefwine (who is apparently decent, not fugly, smart, and a pretty good commander, but too afraid of his wife to have any kids) the heir to the throne. Next in line is George, son of Rufus, who's brothers are an ignorant drunk and a fussy holier-than-thou hypochondriac, but George is a healthy sociable teetotaler and a pretty rational knowledgeable guy. So right now Dan is trying to keep the brothers from spawning and farm the princesses off to become someone else's problem :) But listening to him play this game is just ... an absolute riot.

"Are you done trying to off the Pope?"
"It comes and goes."
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Woot! He approved!

I took my husband - [ profile] ironman4do - to the midnight premiere of Iron Man for our anniversary. He's been looking forward to it for over three and a half years, since before I even heard about it on the trivia track for Spiderman 1, and dreading that it wasn't going to be Right. He is now quite pleased.

"The biggest complaint I can make is that Rhodey's voice should've been deeper. And if that's the worst I can say about it...." That's actually the kindest he's been about any comic movie that I've ever seen with him. :)
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Note to self:
Flying into Detroit Thursday morning, flying out Monday afternoon. The information about your flights and the shuttle to and from EL is in your email. Print it out at work tomorrow. Visitation is Friday, funeral is Saturday at 2.

Note to everyone else:
I probably won't have time for any extra visits out of town - my mom gets dibs. Sorry in advance.

Query (devolving into random):
Is brown acceptable to wear to a funeral? I know black is traditional, but I just seriously don't have that much in the way of black dress clothes anymore - most of it is either brown or a complementary color that doesn't go as well with black. I dunno - I've only been to one funeral in my life, and at that one, the widow (my grandmother on my dad's side) wore red because it had been her husband's favorite color. (My paternal grandmother has buried three husbands, broke up with a near-fourth, and currently has a platonic male housemate.) Black slacks and a dark-colored-but-not-black sweater? Black slacks and a white blouse? *throws up hands*

Unexpected good:
I'll meet my little brother's fiancée before their wedding. Also will see my uncle that I haven't seen since.. um, since Grandma passed away 6 years ago. =/ Also - Fazoli's!

Stuff to do and packing list: )

What am I forgetting?
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1. No matter how much I sleep, it is insufficient.
2. I have slept 7 hours a night each of the last two nights, and I feel like I've been awake since Monday morning.
3. Dan HAS been awake since Monday morning, and is still perfectly chipper. (Well, as chipper as Dan ever gets.)

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From Dan:

Quote of the day:

Wife: I swear on the lives of my children that that system has never been dropped.
Husband: Honey, don't swear on their lives.
Wife: Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to say it like that.
Husband: Yeah...swear on your mom's life or something. Kids are expendable, we could always just make more.
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Me: *fixing dinner*
Dan: *napping. on the floor. under his desk. I dunno*
Me: *nudge nudge* Dinner's ready!
Dan: Mmph. Impending doom?
Me: ...I'm not THAT intimidated by the gas stove.
Dan: *is obviously still asleep*
Me: *snerk*
Time: *passes*
Me: *nudge* Dan? DAN!
Dan: Hm?
Me: Are you awake?
Dan: Yep.
Me: Were you awake when you insulted my cooking?
Dan: Huh?
Me: I offered you dinner and you called it impending doom.
Dan: No, you were talking about WoW timers or something.
Me: ....No, it was dinner.
Dan: Are you sure?
Me: Quite.
Dan: I'm SURE you were talking about WoW or something. It made sense.
Me: Maybe to you, dear.

So I've been muttering "Impending doom, feh!" all evening.
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So this morning was mildly frustrating.

On the hip front: I had my follow-up exam today. Except it doesn't hurt anymore, unless I sit still for 3 hours or so. So he's all "Does it hurt when you bend like this? How about like that? How about when I push here? Here? There?" and I'm repeating "Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Well, that feels kinda weird, but it doesn't hurt. Nope. Nope." Finally he said "I really can't do much in terms of a diagnosis when it doesn't hurt. You said it flares up every two to three months? Come back the next time it flares up, and then we can get somewhere." And I said "Okay."

On the police report front: I called them Wednesday morning, and they said they could send a police officer out to take a report that afternoon, but I had to be home for it. So I took the afternoon off, and called them at 1:30, and they said that they'd have an officer out there within two hours. At 6:30, there was still no officer, so I grumbled, and we went to dinner and our evening plans. At no point on Wednesday evening or Thursday did they even call the phone number they'd insisted I give them to tell me that they weren't able to make it. I was annoyed. So this morning, I put on a suit after my doctor's appointment and went down to the police station directly. After an hour of sitting in their waiting room, I finally got to talk to an officer and give my report. The kicker? He needs to figure out whether it constitutes identity theft or regular theft, because if it's ID theft, the Bellevue PD has jurisdiction as I'm a Bellevue resident, but if it's regular theft, I have to go down to Tukwila's PD and file a report THERE, as the actual crime was committed there. *facepalm*

On the clothing front: Yes, I said I'm wearing a suit today. It's also the first time it's expected to go above 80 in like two weeks. It's ALSO the first time in memory that my office building is too warm to wear a suit jacket. However, the pants to the suit are the only dress pants I own that were purchased after I lost fifteen pounds, and therefore the rest of them are two sizes too big. So I have to decide whether I want to have them altered or buy new ones, or whether it's worth bothering with at all as this is the first time I've worn dress pants since before Christmas. (I may end up having the pair I like best altered, so that way I'd have one brown pair and one black-with-pinstripes pair.)

And now I'm at work, with very little to do, and I want a nap. And my fiancé is hurling himself out of a plane tomorrow morning, which makes me nervous. And my grades for summer quarter won't be posted until probably Thursday.
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I just made Dan's reservation to go skydiving. Ironically, he's doing his Christmas-gift skydive on his birthday, two weeks from tomorrow.

Those of you who are going with us me, we need to be at the airfield in Snohomish no later than 8:30 the morning of Saturday the 19th, and I believe his pre-jump instruction (which is only about 20-25 minutes) starts at 9, so the plane should take off around 9:30.

....I need to have him check on his life insurance. :P
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PSA: People over 6 feet tall should not sit under glass chandeliers.

This message brought to you by Dan, his workmate's chandelier, and his eight stitches.



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