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Ok, really?

Me: "I don't have any room in my car to carry a spare tire."
Annoying bint: "Actually, if you pop your trunk and lift the bottom of the trunk, you will see there's a space under the floor of the trunk."

I ... really? Gosh, and I didn't even specify what kind of car I drive. And yet she KNOWS that I will see there's a space for a spare tire under the floor of the trunk.

Sorry, sweetie, the space under the floor of the trunk (such as it is) is taken up by ENGINE. Next time, you might consider that when someone is discussing the features of their car, they might actually, gasp, know what they're talking about.

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Reason #472 I love my iPad: I can renew Miss Mira's plates while sitting in the waiting room of one of my clinics.
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Dear dude in the car with the license plate LITLKAR,

Miss Mira would like to tell you that, as your car is a STATION WAGON... tiny-carring: you're doing it wrong.
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My household is currently home garage (?) to Micah, a 1997 Honda Civic, and Miss Mira, a 2009 Smart Passion.

In the past, I have been well acquainted with:

DeeDee Elizabeth Skinner, a 1989 Plymouth Voyager minivan
Lady Jillian Catherine Mayfield, a 1993 Geo Storm
AJ, a mid-90s Corsica
Count Ivan Ivanovich the Mad, a late-90s Ford Taurus
Felix, Dan's old mid-90s Beretta
Marianne, a late 90s Honda Accord visiting on a year-long exchange program from the Fuzzy-Fish household
Quinn, a 2007 Geely Jetstar scooter
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Hee. Miss Mira and her Halloween costume were quite popular, for the most part. The youth group went trick-or-treating for canned goods for Northwest Harvest tonight (in a pre-planned neighborhood who'd gotten flyers last week to give them advance notice, not just like RAAR SURPRISE), so each small group had a car or two following them around to carry the food donations, and I got quite a bit of giggling, pointing and thumbs-up from trick-or-treaters who saw her fangs.

From a random group of teenage girls:

Girl 1: Oh, it's one of those funny-looking little geek cars!
Me: *raises eyebrow and glances at them*
Girl 2: I think the driver's window is open.
Me: *snicker*
Girl 1: I mean, um, not that that's a bad thing.
Me: *guffaw*

Any rate, the kids were quite successful -- collected about 670 pounds of non-perishable food items, which outstrips the previous record by more than half again.
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Happy Halloween!
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1. Are you "brand-loyal" when it comes to gas stations, or just whatever's close at hand when you're ready to fill up?
2. What sort of price difference (per gallon/liter) are you willing to go out of your way for to get cheaper gas?
3. Do you keep track of your gas mileage, either down to the decimal points or just a loose estimate in your head?
4. How big is the gas tank on the vehicle you primarily drive?

my answers )
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This just in:

It is, in fact, possible to disagree with someone without being a mouth-breathing assface. Yes, even you, Mr "Aquired Taste Who's Much Better In Person".

That said, when you don't know what you're talking about, you still sound like an idiot whether you're being an assface or not. So in this case, the assface-ness is just icing on the cake.

But it's not out of the ordinary, from what I've seen.

(No, dear people on my f'list, I don't mean any of you.)
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Fuelfrog says: 46.7 mpg: 3 days ago you filled up with 5.217 gallons at $2.509 per gallon after driving 243.8 miles.

Your average mileage over the last 30 days has been 37.96 mpg.

I'll take that.
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Handy things to know: The owner's manual is not always entirely accurate.

For example, when it says "If this light goes on, immediately step far far away from the vehicle and contact the dealership Right Now"?

What it *actually* means, according to the tech at the dealership, is that if that light starts to FLASH, stop driving the vehicle and call the dealership. But if it's just steadily on, wait three days and see if it turns itself off before panicking.

Recent events: )

So it was technically a wasted hour and a half (which really isn't that bad, considering that it included driving from Bellevue to Tukwila to Seattle during rush hour AND the inspection), but now I have some more useful information about interpreting Mira's warning lights, and I got a donut.
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I am loving my tinycar. She has 1100 miles on her now (which is artificially inflated -- one of my coworkers went out of the country for a month-plus and left me her parking pass, so I've been driving all the way to work instead of just the five miles to the park and ride -- my normal monthly driving would be about half that) and needs a bath. Comments from random passers-by have been not as prevalent as I would have guessed, though Dan and I did get hollered at out the window of the next car over at a traffic light about how he didn't think they were out in the US yet. And some bozo at Starbucks informed me that "They'd sell a hundred times as many of those if they were shorter," and the funniest one -- I was driving through the Crossroads parking lot to leave, when I passed a couple walking toward the building. She went all O.O and started jacking her companion in the ribs with her elbows and frantically pointing at Miss Mira, and I just laughed. :) (Reminded me of me in my pre-Mira days, hehe.)

I've been using FuelFrog to track her gas mileage, and right now it's about 35mpg average. I was advised at the dealership that it'll go up a bit after the first two thousand miles or so, though she's supposed to be getting 33 city and 41 highway, so she's pretty close now.

And she has flowers :) I was appointed to the advisory board for the Rainbow assembly, so I got a corsage of blue silk lilies at the ceremony last weekend and afterward tucked them into a corner of her dashboard :)
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This afternoon on my way to work, I was a-zippin' along down 520 at a nice easy ten-over-the-speed-limit, when a blue Honda-something comes RIGHT up on my back bumper. And not only is the driver tailgating me, but I can see him shaking his fist and yelling.

Okay, self. You're already doing ten over, AND you're in the right lane. Bag him, if he's in such an all-fired hurry he can go around.

After a few seconds, he did. And he pulled over right back in front of me and settled at an equally sedate pace of 10-12 over. Didn't cut me off or slam on his brakes or anything, just passed me and then pulled back in front of me.

.... Seriously? Dude? You were fist-shaking and yelling, just to get in front of me? MY CAR IS ONLY EIGHT FEET LONG. *headshakes*
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Hey, Ginger, you haven't said much about your birthday or Christmas.

No, I haven't!

So how were they?

Best birthday and Christmas evar.

Oh, wow! What happened?

For my birthday, Ari and I had a joint birthday dinner at The Melting Pot, and I got fuzzy Chewbacca slippers and yarn. Christmas was pretty low-key, nary a moose in sight, and I got several nice tops, the first three books in a series I'd been interested in reading, a new audio cable, and some earring/pendant sets that my mother-in-law made for me. Plus, due to crappy weather, I got to work from home for a week and a half.

Well, that all sounds nice, but ... best ever?

Oh! Now that you mention it, that little recap there *does* leave something out.

My bad. )


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