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She's home! And now the only problem is keeping Chekhov from eating her

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Micah's nose is fixed! Gonna take the M3 back to his pimp and try to convince my girl she's the only one for me. And hope she doesn't ask me if I love her more than a SmartCar.
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I....feel kind of bad.

My solid, dependable, reliable little ten-year-old Honda sedan is languishing in the car hospital with only my car moose to keep her company....

and I'm out sporting around with a sleek, sexy Mazda 3. Will be until at least Thursday.
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HAH! Once I actually managed to get in touch with someone at the insurance company, that was totally painless! Not only is Duct-Tape Guy's insurance fully covering my repairs, but the shop I got an estimate done at last week is one of THEIR preferred shops as well, so I don't have to wait for them to send an adjuster out. And on top of THAT, the guy at the insurance company asked me if I would need a rental car while Micah's in the shop without me even needing to ask about it! *flex boogiedown*

Now to call the shop and see when I should drop her off.

Edit: 8am Monday morning.
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Developments on Micah's nose:

*After leaving four messages with the officer's voicemail between last Wednesday morning and Monday morning, I finally called my insurance company Monday around noon and told them that the officer had the insurance information, but that I had been unable to get in contact with him to get that insurance information.
*My insurance company called back around 3pm on Monday to give me the contact information for the other guy's insurance and pass along an investigation number.
*The officer called back Tuesday morning, heh. The number that the guy left on his note was, in fact, the number that the police had been using to get hold of him. Officer informed me that because he'd left a valid number, they weren't going to issue a ticket or anything. *shrug* Doesn't make no never mind to me what they do to him, as long as I get my car fixed.
*Also Tuesday morning, I called the other guy's insurance contact and left a voicemail. Did so again on Tuesday afternoon. Never heard anything back.
*This morning, I called the other guy's insurance contact again, got hung up on by his voicemail, and pushed 0 for another representative, who gave me the contact's supervisor's name and number and transferred me. Into his voicemail. Left another message, mentioning that my car's bumper has been held together with duct tape for a week and a half and I would like to see this taken care of posthaste.
*Shocker, about an hour later, Contact called my cell. Alas, since my cell has crappy reception, he got MY voicemail. Told me he needed me to call him back. Did so within ten minutes. Got his voicemail AGAIN. Frustrating. Left a "tag, you're it" sort of message, including my work phone number.
*Just now, contact called - my cell again, despite my asking him to call my work phone before 4pm Pacific time - to inform me that he had just talked to their insured (Duct-Tape Guy) and that they would be fully liable for the repairs to my car, someone from customer service will be calling me "later today or tomorrow," and if they haven't called tomorrow "call the 800 number and do NOT use my extension, anybody can help you." Alrighty then.

People. My bumper is DUCT-TAPED TOGETHER, and has been for the past week and a half. I WANT THIS REMEDIED.
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So more development on Duct-Tape Guy and my car's nose job!

I had an appointment at 8am this morning to get an estimate done, under the assumption that the sooner I could get an official appraisal/pictures done, the better. I left my house at 7:20 to stop by McDonalds for a bucket of caffeine, and while heading back to my car (I went inside because the drive-thru was backed up around the parking lot and the lobby was stark-empty) my cell phone rang.

7:42am. Incoming call: Officer Dart, traffic detective for Tukwila PD handling my report.

Officer: I just spoke to the other party, and I wanted to double-check something with you. You didn't find any sort of note left at the scene of the incident?
Me: There was a note, duct-taped to my windshield. It was wet, because of the rain, but still legible.
Officer: So there was no phone number on it?
Me: Actually, there was a phone number on it, written on both sides of the note.
Officer: Did you file your police report before calling the number?
Me: No, I filed the report after calling the number and getting an automated message advising me the number was out of service.
Officer: That's interesting.

[So I guess Duct-Tape Guy at least managed to convince the officer that he'd intended to leave a valid number? I dunno how he managed to write it wrong accidentally on both sides of the paper, but *shrug*]

Me: Yeah, so that's when I called to file the report.
Officer: I have the other party's insurance information. Can you give me the phone number he left on the note?
Me: I don't have it with me, but I can call you back when I get to work and give it to you, in an hour or so.
Officer: That's fine. I'll give you the insurance information at that time, if that's alright?
Me: Perfectly fine, I don't have a pen on me. I'm in the car. *pause* Parked in the McDonalds parking lot. Not driving or anything.

So I called him back when I got to work, only between leaving him the guy's phony phone number and leaving him my work and cell numbers, I'm pretty sure I got the numbers all mixed up and made myself sound like a complete and utter idiot. :P

And on Micah's nose job:
The front bumper, the license plate frame/clip, the grille, the driver's side headlamp assembly, and the driver's side front fender (including the missing piece of black plastic trim that so mortified Dan's mom when we picked Micah up from them originally) all need to be replaced, plus they need to "blend" the paint job on the new parts into the hood and door. End total on the quote is just shy of $1800, split pretty evenly at 25% parts/25% paint/50% labor, with an estimated time of 4 days.
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Further development: I spoke with Chris the Insurance Claims Guy today. At this point, there are a couple of possible outcomes.

1. They contact Duct-Tape Guy and get hold of him, he gives them his insurance information, his insurance fixes my bumper.

2a. They attempt to contact Duct-Tape Guy and don't get hold of him within 10 days, they assume he is avoiding them because he has no insurance, my uninsured motorist policy kicks in and my own insurance fixes my bumper, less a $100 deductible.
2b. They contact Duct-Tape Guy and get hold of him, he tells them he has no insurance, my uninsured motorist policy kicks in and my own insurance fixes my bumper, less a $100 deductible.

3. They contact Duct-Tape Guy and get hold of him, he swears on a stack of bibles he wasn't anywhere near Tukwila that day. This is where I kick myself for not thinking to get the name and number of the lady who saw the accident. However, Chris the Insurance Claims Guy says that it helps that Duct-Tape Guy left a note on my windshield admitting to hitting my bumper, and for the love of muffins don't lose that note. I don't know what happens in that case, alas.

Note to self: When you get home, call back Chris the Insurance Claims Guy and give him the number that Duct-Tape Guy left on the note, and ask if you should email him the photographs.

As to repairs:
The local Honda dealership doesn't do body work. However, they recommended a couple of shops that they use. Bonus, in the event of Option 2: One of the shops they recommended is on my list of shops certified by my insurance company, and if I take it to a shop on that list, they don't need to send out an adjuster to inspect the car before getting it fixed, I just send them a quote beforehand. I have an appointment for a repair estimate at 8am on Wednesday.
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Okay. Timeline so far.

10:30am. Arrival: Museum of Flight. Sit in car to eat breakfast sandwich, comment on the SUV to the left of my car which has a large ugly rusty trailer that is sprawled across the sidewalk, notice a lady in the car to the right of mine feeding her baby. Go inside.

11:45am, estimated. Encounter: Lady from the car to the right of mine, now carrying baby. "Are you the folks in the blue Honda?" Advises me that the SUV pulled out and swiped my car with their large ugly rusty trailer, "the bumper is still attached," informs me they left a note, and that she made a note of the license plate number. We get the license plate number, but do not think to get her name.

2:30. Encounter: my poor little car. Upon returning to my car, I see that the note in question is duct-taped to my windshield. My bumper is cracked in a couple of spots, there's a large gap between my bumper and the bottom of my driver's side headlight, and the fucker DUCT-TAPED MY BUMPER BACK TOGETHER. Dan grabs my camera and takes pictures. But at least he left a phone number, hey? Note: That, in my last post, was a quote. The note says, exactly, "[phone number redacted] Sorry I rubbed your bumper and it fell off? Call me and I will give you my insurance info". Same phone number is also written on the back side of the piece of paper. Dan pushes and pulls at the bumper a bit, confirms it's not going to, say, fall off while we're on the way down the highway. We head home, detouring by Wendy's for some nuggets. I fume most of the way home.

3:30pm. Call: the number the guy left on his note. "The Nextel customer you are trying to reach is not in service." FUCKER.

3:31pm. Call: The Tukwila PD business line. "Let me give you the number to dispatch."

3:33pm. Call: Dispatch. "911?" "Non-emergency call." (I've learned well from Sunnie. Incidentally, the dispatcher I talked to sounded suspiciously like her.) Gave some details as requested, was advised to await a call from a Tukwila officer.

3:40pm. Incoming call: Silence, then police radio, then hangup. I figured someone started to call me, then something important happened, no big deal.

3:42pm. Incoming call: Officer Jordan of the Tukwila PD. Took the report. Agreed with me that when you "rub" someone's bumper, it's not generally required to DUCT-TAPE THE DAMN THING BACK ON. Took license plate number and vague description, confirmed that license plate number corresponded to description, driver will be getting at least a citation for leaving the scene of an accident. Gave case number and name of traffic detective who will handle...whatever traffic detectives handle. Advised to call my own insurance company.

4:03pm. Call: State Farm. Spoke with Connie to begin claim. Should get a call from the claims team Monday-ish. Got claim number and contact number for claims team.

pictures behind the cut )
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"Sorry, I rubbed your bumper and it fell off? Call me and I'll give you my insurance info."

So. Pissed.
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Grrrrrrrr. We were just informed by someone who parked on our right that my car was sideswiped by a dumbass with a trailer on the other side. They apparently left a note, and the person who saw it gave us their license #. Haven't looked yet myself. Grr.


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