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My household is currently home garage (?) to Micah, a 1997 Honda Civic, and Miss Mira, a 2009 Smart Passion.

In the past, I have been well acquainted with:

DeeDee Elizabeth Skinner, a 1989 Plymouth Voyager minivan
Lady Jillian Catherine Mayfield, a 1993 Geo Storm
AJ, a mid-90s Corsica
Count Ivan Ivanovich the Mad, a late-90s Ford Taurus
Felix, Dan's old mid-90s Beretta
Marianne, a late 90s Honda Accord visiting on a year-long exchange program from the Fuzzy-Fish household
Quinn, a 2007 Geely Jetstar scooter
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What do you drive? Does your car have a name?

Right now, the cars attached to my household are Marianne, a late-90s Honda Accord on loan from [ profile] relfen and [ profile] bluefish, and Micah, a 1997 Honda Civic.

I've always named my cars. In order, I/we have had:

DeeDee Elizabeth Skinner - a 1988 Plymouth Voyager minivan
Jillian Catherine Mayfield, Jilly for short - a 1991 Geo Storm (and, to date, my favorite car that I've owned)
AJ - a 1994 Chevy Corsica
Count Ivan the Mad - a 1993 Ford Taurus with the ghosts of six dead hookers (Sunny, Muffy, Candy, Natasha, Lolita and Travis) in the trunk who hated David Bowie
Felix - Dan's old car, a 1993 (?) Chevy Beretta who came out here from Chicago with Dan and died tragically
Micah, mentioned above, who went to Dan when Felix exploded
Marianne, mentioned above.
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Act I, Scene I.
Setting: GINGER is at Bellevue Square with ARI. DAN is in his car, leaving the parking lot of their apartment complex.

Phone: *rings*
DAN: "Did you put a AAA sticker on your car?"
GINGER: "Huh?"
DAN: "Your car has a AAA sticker on the bumper. Did you put it there, or did the AAA guy?"
GINGER: *flip out, because I didn't put any stickers on my car and don't want any stickers on my car*
DAN: "Well, I just wanted to let you know about it. Have a good night, love you, bye!" *click*

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21 October 2007 04:26 pm
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GODDAMNIT. I just got Micah back on Friday. Not only do I have to take her back because something is hanging out from under her bumper and dragging sporadically on the ground, but I just pulled into the grocery store parking lot to pick up the makings for Corey's housewarming dinner only to hear a "pfffffffffff...." as I get out of the car. Tire is TOTALLY flat. AAA says it'll be at least an hour. *sigh* so I have to both get the tire replaced AND the bumper looked at tomorrow. Fucking HELL.

My god, I hope there's nothing wrong with the damn spare. =P

On the plus side, while digging all the crap out of my trunk to GET to the spare (I have no idea what condition it's in, I don't even know what to look for), I did find the black boots I've been looking for since we moved a year ago. =P small favors.
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No particular order or point to this, just 10 random thoughts about my reactions and thoughts and whatnot. Though it's way more music than driving.

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Also, another side music tangent:
If anyone's interested, the most recent Godsmack album (titled IV, which I'm assuming refers to the Roman numeral rather than the medical procedure, as it's their fourth album) is very reminiscent of a cross between the first A Perfect Circle album and early 3 Doors Down, with a little bit of early Disturbed thrown in there. I liked it quite a bit.
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On the one hand, I've been hearing all my life that a car should have the oil changed every 3 months or 3000 miles.

On the other hand, I looked in the owner's manual for Micah (a 97 Honda Civic, 125K miles, last oil change was in November ~2900 miles ago) last week, and it says on the maintenance schedule every 12 months or 7500 miles.

I know I have some car geeks and motorheads around here - what gives? Do I need to get my car's oil changed this weekend, or another 3500 miles from now?
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Gosh, do I feel silly.

Well, actually, no. I bitch about people calling into work over a quarter-inch of SNOW.

I didn't call in to work because of the snow. I could care less about the snow.

I called in to work because it's icy enough that first I had a hard time getting out of my [uphill] driveway, and then once I managed that, my car spun out while I was going in a straight line at 15mph. And there are several large hills between me and the park-and-ride, let alone me and work.

I like my little car. I like her best in one piece.
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*stomp stomp stomp* Since I was NINETEEN, I have kept my car keys on a ring with a little leather tab that was laser-engraved with the car's name. Problem is, I've always gotten the leather tab at an amusement park - Cedar Point, before I moved to Seattle, and I happened to go to Sea World the week after I got Ivan and they had a leather-keychain-laser-engraving booth there.

But now I need a new little leather laser-engraved keytab (it's literally just a 1.25"-diameter circle with the name lasered into it with maybe a little squiggly line above and below), and no conceivable google search string is producing any way to find these online! *stomp stomp*
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Home. Dinner'ed. All good. Woo!

Still hopeful. :)


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