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My household is currently home garage (?) to Micah, a 1997 Honda Civic, and Miss Mira, a 2009 Smart Passion.

In the past, I have been well acquainted with:

DeeDee Elizabeth Skinner, a 1989 Plymouth Voyager minivan
Lady Jillian Catherine Mayfield, a 1993 Geo Storm
AJ, a mid-90s Corsica
Count Ivan Ivanovich the Mad, a late-90s Ford Taurus
Felix, Dan's old mid-90s Beretta
Marianne, a late 90s Honda Accord visiting on a year-long exchange program from the Fuzzy-Fish household
Quinn, a 2007 Geely Jetstar scooter
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Everything the inspection covered is functioning more-or-less properly, and it appears at this point that the stalling the other night was probably a one-time fluke - the mechanic suggested that on a car with as many miles on it as Ivan has, it's possible that the fuel pump hiccuped and caused the stall, then resettled itself after a couple of minutes. However, the funny noise that the Jiffy Lube guys noticed coming from the alternator was a loose bearing rattling around, which might maybe eventually sometime in the future cause the alternator to seize up, but probably not in the next month or two at least, and the guy agreed with me that if I'm planning on getting rid of the car in a month anyway, it's probably not worth putting the money for a new alternator into it right now anyway.

Alternatively - I can get a compatible refurbished alternator on ebay for like $40, including shipping - it may be worth it to be able to tell any prospective buyers that yes, there IS a loose bearing in the alternator, it should be fine for a while yet, but just in case, there's also a refurbished alternator in the trunk, should the bearing break loose. *shrug* just a thought.


8 August 2005 07:54 am
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Saturday morning: Car )

Saturday afternoon/evening: Family )

Sunday morning: WoW!
I hit L43. :) That was about it.

Sunday afternoon: Sheep! )

It was a good weekend. :)
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And again, I had to call AAA because I thought Ivan's starter went out.

Last time, it was because I was dumb. (For reference, I've panicked because my car wasn't starting because it was in drive on multiple occasions. I don't know why I don't think about it when that really is the case.)

This time, I checked to make sure Ivan was in Park before I started calling people. :)

I figured it wasn't the battery - I was listening to the radio while I waited with no problem. As I said, I figured it was the starter motor.

My AAA card was sitting on my desk at home (I just got a new one last week, hadn't put it in my wallet yet) - so I called Dan and asked him to bring it for me. Called AAA, and they said it could be up to an hour before a truck came out. So Dan rearranged the afternoon plans slightly and brought me some lunch while I was waiting. Except while he was getting my lunch, the tow truck guy called and said he'd be there in five minutes. So Dan-and-my-lunch and the tow truck guy showed up at the same time. Got Ivan hooked up and hauled away.

Turns out there was a ton of corrosion on the battery terminals, and enough current was getting through to run the radio and lights, but not to turn over the starter motor. So they replaced the battery. Unfortunately, this appears to have un-set all my radio station preset buttons and strangely, to have activated parts of the alarm system that I didn't know Ivan had. Weird. Anyway, he's happy now.


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