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Despite my original intentions, I will not be participating in Blogathon this year. I have a doctor's appointment Saturday morning and two people to assist with moves, a splitting headache right now, and no sponsors anyway, aside from myself. (Note: Totally not a guilt trip or whining. People chose to donate before Blogathon, and even without doing it y'all have helped me raise over $2300. It actually made the decision to back out a bit easier, knowing that I wasn't letting down any sponsors.)

Best of luck and good wishes to those of you who are Blogathon-ing this year, and I intend to sponsor all of you on my f'list tomorrow, if I haven't done so already.

There's always next year.
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On the 3-Day route:

The route will pass through eight different city jurisdictions, showcasing a variety of neighborhoods, downtowns and scenic trails. From Marymoor Park, we will travel through the beautiful city of Redmond into Kirkland, where their downtown association will welcome us with a city "Painted in Pink". We will make our way into Unincorporated King County for camp. We will travel uphill to our beautiful campsite that is sure to make the walkers feel that they have returned "home" after their long journey.

On Day Two walkers will travel through Kenmore, then enter Bothell. We will experience the lovely Sammamish River/Burke Gilman Trail for a portion of this day and pass through Woodinville. After a couple miles of trail, we will exit the path and make our way towards the downtown area of Bothell. The second half of the day showcases the quaint neighborhoods of Bothell and returns the walkers to Kenmore for their final stretch back into camp.

Day Three the walkers will find themselves mesmerized by the beauty of Lake Washington as they make their way around the Northwest side of the lake through Lake Forest Park on the Burke Gilman Trail. Following the lakeshore, we will enter Seattle and leave the route for a pit stop at one of the city's many parks. After lunch, we will head to one of Seattle's most scenic neighborhoods with views of Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains. We will make our way downhill onto the Burke Gilman Trail where we are sure to find plenty of shade. We will leave the trail for a couple of pit stops, but then return for the final stretch of the route. After leaving the trail for the last time, we will make our way into Closing Ceremonies at the beautiful University of Washington.

Please note that the exact route is still being finalized and subject to change.

The walk starts five weeks from tomorrow, on August 25th.

Blogathon 2006 is a week from this coming Saturday, on July 29th. Please consider sponsoring me.

Regular donations are always welcome.
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Six weeks from right now, I'll be about halfway through the first day of the 60-mile Seattle 3-Day fundraising walk for breast cancer research.

Thanks to lots of support from family and friends, and even some complete strangers, I have met and exceeded my minimum fundraising amount of $2200. From here on out, anything more that I raise goes straight to research. No administrative costs, no paying the executives - straight to funding the research.

I've signed up to do Blogathon 2006 - starting at 9am EST (6am for me) on Saturday, July 29th, I'll be staying up and posting every half hour for 24 hours to raise more money for the 3-day. If you haven't yet, or even if you have and want to do more, please consider sponsoring me.

Official Blogathon sponsorship needs to be done through that link, and is a good way to go if you don't think I'll make the full 24 hours and/or want to make a per-hour or per-post donation - by sponsoring me directly through Blogathon, after the 24 hours are over, you will be notified as to how long I made it and directed where to make your donation. By sponsoring through Blogathon, you do not make your donation until after the 24 hours are over.

However, as always, direct donations are welcomed through my direct 3-day donation page.

Fellow Blogathon-ers: Shout-outs to [ profile] missysedai, blogging for the National Kidney Foundation, [ profile] knitmeapony blogging for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (link to come as soon as she provides it?) and [ profile] shadesong, blogging for RAINN.


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