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Semester starts Monday. Having the summer 'off' has been nice, but I'm looking forward to classes. I'm taking 3 in the Public Health division and one philosophy course this fall. So far I have books for all four classes and calendars of assignments for three, still waiting on the last Public Health one to be activated.

The two PH courses I have info for look like they're going to be right up my alley - no discussion boards, grades based on weekly quizzes, 3 big exams, and two moderately-sized assignments due during the semester. All the quizzes and exams in both classes are due on Wednesdays, which is nice because I never work Tuesday nights at Target. I assume the third will probably be similar in structure to these two, but we'll see.

The Philosophies of Religion course does d-boards, quizzes and exams. However, the instructor is vague. Generally with d-boards (at least in my experience), one has to make a top-level post and comment to a certain number of other people's top level posts per week. The only instruction we're given is to make a top-level post for each board, no more than 50-100 words, and then to "comment regularly" on our classmates' posts. No idea what constitutes "regularly." He also specified in the syllabus that spelling, punctuation and grammar are not important in these discussion boards. :P And the intro-board instructions say something to the effect of "Please introduce yourself and tell us your earliest thoughts on whether God exists." No starting off light there! :)
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